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Get 10,000 Views on a Single Article – Lesson 3



Video Summary – Getting Curated on Medium

Here are some highlights from this free training. Todd Brison and I go pretty deep on these topics, so I haven’t put everything we discussed. My suggestion is to scan the written content below, and also watch the videos for theory, examples, and discussion around why we believe this stuff is so important.


PS – If you haven’t watched Lesson 1 (Headlines and Subheads) or Lesson 2 (Images and Intros), don’t forget to do that before they are gone.


What is “curation?”

Curation is where every story goes through a process where human curators select or don’t select stories to be included in their various curation topics.

If Medium selects your story to show up under their own topics (different from the tags you select) it will reach readers who don’t follow you, feature on reader’s homepages, and have the potential to be shared by Medium on their social media channels or via their email list.

If your story isn’t curated then it’s only seen by your followers. This makes writing on Medium pointless.


Why does Medium have a curation standard?

Curation is how Medium ensures quality content reaches readers. It’s also how Medium stops spam, content marketing, and explicit topics like violence or rape. Quality content allows Medium to charge readers a membership fee.


What are some things that might keep me from being curated?

Clickbait will ensure you don’t get curated

Conspiracies, rape, violence or suggestions of sexual content is against the etiquette of Medium

Images courses must be cited

Your call to action could get you in trouble

Affiliate links will cause you not to get curated

Spelling errors are an issue.

If English is your second language then get a proofreader. Anything that doesn’t sound like good English will be ignored

Ask yourself, “What is good for Medium’s business?” Do that.

Rants are bad. Have a purpose to your story.


What should I do if I’m not getting curated?

To be short and blunt: write better.

Maybe your writing standard needs to be better if you’re not getting curated.


Will writing for publications get me automatically curated?

Publications are a great way to get curated. Why? Many of them are trusted by Medium and have high quality standards which Medium likes.


-Tim Denning