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31 Easy Steps to Change the Course of Your Life in a Year

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Life Hacks

No matter how hard you try, life will eventually take a wrong term.

For me, boredom and a lack of emotion are huge red flags.

When every day starts to feel the same and blend into one another, I hit the emergency button.

Whether right now is a terrible time in your life or not, or whether you’re seeking to head in a new direction, here’s what I do to change the course of my life (takes about a year to see results).

Step 1

If you’re single, sleep around a bit. Root like a rabbit as they say in Australia. You’ll realize meaningless roots aren’t the answer to your problems.

Step 2

Start writing online. Not to show off, but to document what you’re learning. All of us consume content every day.

Writing is how you place information in your brain and inject the wisdom deep so it can get used when needed.

Step 3

Organize your desk. A messy desk is a mind f*ck for your mental clarity.

Step 4

Get a gym membership.

No need to become Rocky or flex in front of Rex. Just get your body moving because everything else in life seems to progress when you do. Plus the endorphins that get released into your bloodstream afterwards help you to chill the heck out.

Step 5

Stop comparing where your life is at to others. Who cares. We’re all different. For all you know, Monica got further ahead in life than you because daddy’s trust fund bankrolled her through all the rejection.

No one shares their competitive advantages. We all want to look like overnight successes. Revealing the hidden hacks goes against our nature.

Step 6

Go back and listen to the music you grew up with. It’ll spark memories. Those memories will help you decide what to do in the future.

Maybe something from your past is what you want to do in the future and you just didn’t realize it.

Step 7

Go out and party until 5 am. Skip this step if you have a hearing aid (like me) or are likely to become so drunk you call your mother and say something nasty. She raised you, remember? How dare you.

Step 8

Take a random job. The worse the better. Just do it to reset your brain. As we advance in our careers, prestige starts to become our default. But an entry-level job makes you humble again.

I took a job in a call center on minimum wage. Humbled me right the F up.

Step 9

Blame a random on the internet for your problems. Attack them. Troll them. Be an ass. It’ll solve nothing but until you do it, you may not realize it.

Step 10

Say sorry to the innocent person you abused on the internet. It’s a superpower when you get good at it. You realize you’ve hurt a lot of people.

Step 11

While you’re at it, forgive that high school bully from all those years ago. Forgiving people for no reason at all reduces your mental load.

Too many people have too much hatred buried deep. It secretly holds them back and makes them sound overly negative. No one likes a negative Nancy.

Step 12

Jump on planes then get on trains. Go all around the world. You’ll realize it’s not the answer, but it will give you perspective. Other cultures won’t look so bloody foreign and weird, too.

Oh …. and you’ll become less racist. Nice.

Step 13

Take a piss in a public place. You’ll feel real freedom.

Step 14

While you’re at it, buy coffee for everybody behind you in the line at Starbucks or <insert favorite coffee shop>.

Kindness makes the world go round. And it’ll seriously change your mood.

Photo by Bobby Johnson on Unsplash

Step 15

Get some therapy. God knows we all need some after coroni-macaroni and the Donald Duck presidential crisis.

Getting professional help doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong. Asking for help is a sign of courage. It’s how you solve your problems. Because we’ve all got a few leftovers from childhood clogging up our brains.

Step 16

Pick up an instrument — or become a DJ. The beat of a song focuses the mind. Hard to think negative trash talk when your brain is teleported into hypnosis through great guitar playing or thumping house beats.

Step 17

Switch bosses for the hell of it. Doesn’t mean you need to change employers. But just try a new boss like you try a new restaurant.

You might find your current boss is like a pair of 5 year old Levis jeans that sag and reveal your ass crack when they shouldn’t. Bosses can bring out the best of us or the worst of us. Or sometimes they’re too busy to do anything for us.

Step 18

Make money, honey, online.

Not because there’s a need to get filthy rich squire. But because making more than one income stream helps you chillax with Max. If your brain is always preoccupied with money it’s hard to implement the steps that’ll change the course of your life.

Money equals saved up hours you can deploy in a new area.

Step 19

Take a few small bets.

Too many lives turn to dust because of not enough risk. No need to take huge risks. But treat your life like a VC. Allocate time, money, and resources to new experiments. One of those experiments will pay off big.

You just won’t know which one until it happens.

Step 20

Throw out stuff you haven’t used for more than a year. Humans love to hoard.

We store memories inside useless objects. Instead, use photos to store memories. That way your living spaces will be cleaner so your mental clarity will increase exponentially.

Step 21

Block trolls on social media. Transforms mental health.

Step 22

Don’t share your thoughts where there are mall cops. Platforms like Reddit are great places to chat. The challenge is moderators and curators destroy the experience. They try to create rules around everything for no reason.

They’ll delete and edit like no one’s business. And they’ll ban your ass too. The reason they do it is because they didn’t get a real cop job. So they became a mall cop. Avoid.

Step 23

Watch less TikTok. Destroys your attention span and gives you unearned dopamine. It’s a great way to become a dopamine drug addict.

Step 24

Switch from Netflix to books. Words hit your brain differently. You’ll learn more from a good book than another painful Star Wars remake.

Step 25

Write book notes. Post them online if you dare. Or share them via the Notion app. Level 1 is consumption. Level 2 is to synthesize. Level 3 is sharing to benefit others. Each will change the course of your life.

Step 26

Go to a Tony Robbins event. I don’t care whether you like his big teeth or his crazy dancing. You’ll learn immersion, and immersion will change your life.

Step 27

After immersion comes obsession. Become obsessed with something and you’ll derive meaning from it. Obsession is secret passion yet to be labeled.

Step 28

Tell a lie to yourself. You’ll realize the people we lie to most are ourselves.

Step 29

Experiment with eating more plants. See if your energy levels change.

Step 30

Mess around with meditation for sh*ts and giggles. Apparently it alters brain waves. But I’m not a scientist buddy! Try it for yourself.

Step 31

Interview your loved ones about their lives. One day it’ll be all you have left of them and you’ll be bloody happy you did it. It’s more fun to listen back to than some random episode of the Joe Rogan podcast.

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