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4 Relaxing Habits That Help Me Crush My Day

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Life Hacks

For me to wake up every day and crush my goals I have to be in the right state of mind. To assist with this, I have found that having habits that relax me helps me to achieve my goals. Habits are such a basic thing that many people don’t see the value in.

Writing articles on success has helped me realise many things, but the one thing that comes up all the time is habits. The ultra successful are not that way by accident; they are successful because they have formed habits that work for them, not against them.

So have a think about some things that relax you and try and make them more of a habit rather than something you occasionally do . The more you learn to relax, the better you will be able to deal with stressful situations – crucial if you’re an entrepreneur.

To get you thinking, below are the four relaxing habits that I have formed.


1. Interview some inspirational people

My first and most favourite habit that I have developed is to interview inspirational people. This habit allows me to relax and know that there are people in the world that are achieving the impossible.

Many of these people are achieving the same things that I want to achieve so it can be a very comforting feeling. One of the questions I often ask to these inspirational people is how they deal with fear and what they do to relax.

The other three things mentioned in this article are quite common amongst the responses I get. Most of the time, though, it’s the way that they think that helps them to relax. It’s also an unwavering belief in themselves and their vision that is why they can relax.


2. Return to the now with meditation

So the art of meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years, and there is nothing new about it. What is fairly recent though are the benefits that meditation can have on you. I have interviewed lots of successful people whom many have told me, regularly practice meditation.

I always believed that meditation was something that strange people did until one day when I decided to stop being critical and try it for myself. After a few tries at it, I found that it helped me get prepared for the day in a good state of mind.

There is so much noise that is floating through our brain all day, and meditation helps to relax those thoughts and bring you back to the present. Download one of the many meditation apps and try it for yourself.


3. Drink some refreshing tea

Many of us have coffee addictions, and this can lead us to be on edge all the time (the reason we drink coffee is due to lack of energy which equals diet issues). When I gave up coffee, I found that there was a void left in my day. To overcome this void, I added the habit of drinking tea 1-2 times a day.

The smells of the tea, combined with the warmth, act the same way that meditation does, it brings you back to the now. It’s that one moment in my day where I can focus on something other than the hundreds of things I need to get done.

The one caveat I have with drinking tea is that if you are not properly hydrated it can act as a laxative and also dehydrate you, so watch out for this.


4. Exercise (introduce another activity with it)

So this is one that may seem very logical and predictable. In my opinion, that’s okay because it works. If you’re feeling stressed and you can’t relax, just go exercise. I often hear that people don’t deem something to be exercise unless they’re in a gym lifting weights.

This is silly; exercise can be something as simple as walking. After a stressful day, I will often make my personal calls at night by walking around the neighbourhood and chatting on the phone. It’s simple, and it works.

Exercise releases endorphins naturally that help relax you and remove stress. The key I have found with exercise is to reframe what it means to you. When I do my walks, I don’t think of them as walks, I think of it as phone time or listening to podcast time.


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