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Here’s How My Thinking Changed at 6 Figures Versus 7 Figures in Income

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Financial Freedom, Money

Warning: this is not a millionaire bragfest.

Studying money psychology is one of the best things you can do in life.

It’s why the book “The Psychology of Money” has become a cult classic and sold millions of copies.

I analyzed the difference in my thinking from 6 figures versus 7 figures. The findings will blow your mind and help you earn more money.

Doing online courses

6-figure human

This course is expensive. Not sure I can afford it. What if I don’t finish it? What’s the refund policy? Making money online feels so scammy.

7-figure human

Even if I only learn one thing it’s worth the $500. Self-education is what makes normal people smarter. Have to make sure I execute the best lesson from the course, though, within 48 hours of completion.

Seeking advice

6-figure human

Youtube is great. There’s so much free advice on there. Elon Musk says I need to write a business plan and build a business that has a moat. He’s so smart. Look at all the companies he’s built.

But my dad thinks my business idea isn’t great. I asked the local butcher and he agrees with my dad. My neighbor said his friend had a similar business and it was a saturated market.

7-figure human

Opinions are like a**holes. Everyone’s got one.

What I need to do is execute, review the data then, perhaps, hire a paid expert who’s already achieved this goal to review it and throw a spanner in the works to wake me the hell up.

I will still trust my own experience though. Always.

Reading books

6-figure human

Wealthy people like Warren Buffett read lots of books. I must do the same.

If I read a book a week it should help me acquire all sorts of random knowledge I’m missing.

7-figure human

What problem am I trying to solve?

Great. Now let’s buy a few books on the topic. No point reading every book cover to cover as I don’t have time to piss-fart around. I will skim through the book and look for the lessons that apply to me.

If the book sucks or I only get one takeaway, then that’s fine. Only cost $20.

Better yet, I will go to Shortform and read the book summary first to see if it contains any good info. No time to waste. Time is money.

Working a job

6-figure human

This job makes me good money. I’m well-paid and get free snacks. If I stay long enough I can earn a promotion and perhaps get my boss’s job.

7-figure human

This business is child’s play. I can take what my employer does and implement it in a side business I work on after hours. Then I get to keep the upside. Suckers.

Oh, and my boss’s job looks like a nightmare. Who wants to sit in meetings all day and become a punching bag for the next layer up of management?

Accepting freebies

6-figure human

Yes, please help me for free. That’d be great. You’re such a lifesaver. Will you also be my mentor? Can we catch up every day after work to discuss my career and how you can help?

7-figure human

F*ck off, I don’t want free stuff. Then I owe you favors and that’s disgusting. Plus you’ll do a better job if I pay you and you’ll be accountable.

What’s your rate, mate?

To-do lists

6-figure human

I need to write a to-do list and try to get everything done. I’ll track all the tasks on a Trello board. The more I get done the better.

7-figure human

Screw productivity software. What’s the one big thing I need to get done today? Does it also make money or upgrade my future?

Buying new technology

6-figure human

I can finally afford the latest new iPhone. I will line up at the Apple store tomorrow to get it. Can’t wait to show my friends.

Then I will buy a brand new iMac and attach several monitors and purchase a $300 mechanical keyboard that I can put on a brand new stand-up desk. Gonna be so good.

7-figure human

My 5 year old iPhone and old school Macbook Pro are good enough. Still turns on. Keyboard still works. Less is more.

Spending money you make

6-figure human

Yay, I can finally afford that new Tesla Model 3. Electric cars are the future. Gonna be so good to roll up with some fresh new wheels to the BBQ on Saturday night with all my pals.

7-figure human

Is my car falling apart? Cars depreciate in value and become worthless in a few years.

Nobody cares what car you drive (especially if you have a huge ego).

Use leftover money to buy financial assets that go up in value over time and protect my dollars from the tax of inflation. Then, if I want to buy stuff, I can borrow money against those assets.

How will this idea make me money right now?

6-figure human

This new app helps people write and make money. I can do that. By next week I will make $5000. If I don’t then it’s clearly a scam. Gotta churn and burn through ideas to find the right one.

All I have to do is be early to a new trend and I can win. Or know the right person so they can tell me how to make money from it.

7-figure human

Great ideas won’t make money right now.

Get-rich-quick schemes are everywhere. The best way to make money online is to pick an idea and execute it for 5+ years. Any timeframe less than that is the equivalent of playing lottery with your future.

Work ethic

6-figure human

If I want to reach financial freedom I’ve got to “hustle hard bro.” Work long hours. Work during weekends. Work, work, work. Get rich or die trying.

7-figure human

Working hard is what the old school factory worker assembly line model worships. Robots and AI killed that dream. Outsource, automate, and aim long-term to work no more than 4 hours a day in a flow state.

Working hard makes you brain-dead. Creativity can’t thrive then.

Taking risks

6-figure human

I need to do lots of planning. I need to look at all the ways this could fail and read stories about it on LinkedIn.

There are so many scammers out there. I don’t want to get scammed. I need to be careful. If my boss finds out what I’m doing I could get fired and this would be the end of my banking career.

7-figure human

No risk, no reward. Take small bets and a few will pay off.

If your boss finds out about some side hustle or second income and fires you, who gives a crap. I can always get another job in 5 seconds on LinkedIn. The goal is to treat life like a series of experiments.

Some will fail and some will succeed. The 1% that succeed will be the ones that help me reach financial freedom. Makes sense.

The requirement to sell stuff

6-figure human

I sell stuff at my job because I have to … but it feels wrong. Sales is sleazy. I don’t want to sound like the Wolf of Wall Street.

What will people think of me?

If I sell stuff I’ll be selling out. People will think less of me. They’ll judge me. It might hurt my reputation.

7-figure human

Sales is just persuading people to do themselves a favor and solve a problem they said they have with a solution I can offer.

I sell in every aspect of my life.

  • I sold my wife on marrying me
  • I sold her on having a kid
  • I sold my former boss on paying me more money
  • I sold my parents on letting us stay at their holiday house

Sales is the way. Sell or be sold.

Approach to social media

6-figure human

How many likes did my TikTok video get? Did I get thousands of new followers? One day I can make money from this, I hope, but for now it’s just so much fun and crazy addictive.

7-figure human

How many email subscribers bought a copy of my book?

What’s the natural progression from them reading that book to another offer I could give them?

If I don’t bank money I end up working a job again, which is my worst nightmare. Getting told what to do sucks.

Communicating with others

6-figure human

Send long emails. I write online so it has to read good. Let’s take our time with this email and be clear.

7-figure human

Send a voice note as it’s quick. If it needs to be an email then write no more than three dot points. Every email I send generates another email. I will send fewer emails to get fewer emails, so I have more time to make money.

Approach to offering discounts

6-figure human

Let me see what I can do for you. Instead of $500 would you accept $300?

7-figure human

What I do has enormous value. This isn’t an expense but an investment. I don’t offer discounts because I communicate clearly, and discounts cheapen what I do. Would you like to proceed or not?

Bringing it all together

Every income level has a different way of thinking.

To skip to the next level of income, one of the main skills you need to know is how people who make that kind of money think.

Once your thinking changes your earning potential changes.

This article is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered financial, tax or legal advice. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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