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Secrets I Learned About Making Money Online That 7-Figure Creators Don’t Want You to Know

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Making Money Online, Money

Most making money online advice is terrible.

Why? It comes from people who’ve either never done it or made a tiny amount, like $1000. What I’m about to share with you didn’t come from amateurs or people posing as experts.

You won’t find these secrets:

  • In online courses
  • By doing google searches
  • In some random tweet thread

They came from 7-figure creators in online groups I’m a part of.

Secret #1 — The people in your network determine how much money you make

Average creators focus on social media and churning out content.

They get angry when they’re low on views or likes. They just don’t understand the game. Content is nice but distribution is more important.

7-figures creators spend just as much time networking in the direct messages as they do producing content.

Behind closed doors they:

  • Give each other feedback on content
  • Share how they make money and what’s working. They even share screenshots of their online dashboards, such as Stripe.
  • Re-share each other social media posts.

If all you do is publish you’re doing it all wrong. Make friends in the DMs.

Secret #2 — Lonely creators make f*ck all money.

Loneliness forces most people to give up on their dreams.

I would have quit writing years ago unless other writers like Sean Kernan said “Keep going Timbo. You’re doing good.” So if you’re not in an online group of creators, you’re not gonna make it.

Problem: most groups suck ass.

The group owner lacks…

  • Social-proof
  • Years of results
  • Spare time to direct, curate, and moderate the group

The group is free

So any crazy can join.

Inevitably you’ll get a few Debbie Downers that find their way into the group and spray their toxic venom all over innocent people.

Or you’ll get some politics lover who takes the conversation to new lows in the name of nothing.

The group is full of people who aren’t winning

So they complain. They blame platforms. They let their negativity and mental health issues bring everyone else down.


Join a high-priced community.

Money filters out amateurs, wannabes, and guaranteed failures. You don’t need to be a millionaire with a pair of Gucci glasses either. There are plenty of great groups starting at $90 a year.

Whatever you do though, get out of “free” hell.

Secret #3 — Spend money to make money

A friend spent $8000 to get coaching on his tweets. That’s basically all the money he had. He yolo’d it.

Even though it looked like a gamble it wasn’t. He invested in himself. He chose to work with a coach that had the exact result he wanted.

He went from 1000 followers to 100,000 in less than a year. Even crazier, he ended up living in a shared house with the coach and another 7-figure creator.

He went from a clueless 22 year old to a millionaire overnight. It’s not going to happen to everyone, obviously. But it shows what happens when you throw some cash around and experiment.

The investment had the added benefit of keeping him accountable.

The pain of losing the $8000 for nothing was too great. So he worked his ass off to ensure he got his money’s worth. If you won’t invest money in yourself and your goal, nothing will happen.

Now, two objections you might have are “well, I don’t have much money” or “I am close to broke.” Guess what? People in that category need to invest in themselves the most.

Your income isn’t going to increase unless you make more money, learn new skills, or try something different than the sh*tty path that got you to this dead-end place. Lack of money isn’t an excuse.

As Ayodeji Awosika taught me: If you’re already close to broke you’ve got nothing to lose. May as well have a go.

Secret #4 — This is the way to 10x sales of anything

I meet people online all the time who have a great service, book, or product. Their problem is they can’t make enough sales. I go to their sales page and see the same mistake every time… They wrote their own copy.

Do-it-yourself copywriting is for losers.

Your product might be great, but if the copy sucks, no one will ever be convinced enough to try it.

Level 1: Learn pro copywriting.

Level 2: Hire the best copywriter money can buy.

With level 2 you can tie their paycheck to the amount of sales they generate. I’ve rarely seen a pro copywriter *not* make someone at least three times more sales.

Copywriting is the easiest way to generate more cash if you already sell something online.

Yes, they’re only words on a page. Anyone can write them. But the difference persuasive badassery makes has to be seen to be believed.

Final Thought

Making money online isn’t hard. Even making 6-7 figures isn’t difficult.

You’ve just gotta stop listening to amateurs and drowning in “free.” What works in this game isn’t obvious until you see what happens behind the scenes.

Then you will realize that successful creators…

Network in the DMs, support each other, pay for private group chats, spend money to make money, and are obsessed with good copywriting. (If you’ve ever called any content clickbait then you automatically don’t understand copywriting — unlearn this.)

So try these ideas and report back. I guarantee you’ll thank me later.

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