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A “F*ck Off Fund” Is The Secret Formula That Will Change Your Life

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Money

You cruised through childhood.

It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. You graduate college and get a job. Then you buy a car as the first big purchase.

Life feels good for 3.3 seconds.

You always swore you’d never work a dead-end job and be bored. You even learned about internet money to make sure.

A close friend or family member is an entrepreneur so you’re safe from working a job forever – or so you think.

You’re no Elon Musk but you’ve seen enough to know a job ain’t going to make you stinking rich. Slowly the daily grind takes over.

The wisdom of business and the internet is lost. Your workday fills up with useless meetings. Your inbox gets overloaded with requests you can’t keep up with.

Everything starts to feel the same.

Life becomes numb.’

Lunch starts to taste the same.

On Saturday morning, you get confused about whether it’s the weekend or a workday. It’s all the same.

You swore this would never happen. It did.

One afternoon a colleague calls you into one of the small meeting rooms out of nowhere.

“You’re threatening my next promotion with what you’re doing. I’m going to ruin your career if you don’t quit.”

*Grabs your arm aggressively and pushes you hard towards the wall*

You walk out dumbfounded and upset. The tears stay in your eyelids.

He’s just threatened you and you did nothing to them. They have a secret power over you. You’re afraid to tell anyone, especially not HR.

They say you’re lying. They’ll create drama. This can’t happen now.

You’re already behind on your credit card bill.

Things get worse financially.

You find you’re having to resort to asking friends for money. Everyone says no except one person. You haven’t known him that long.

“I’ll lend you the money if you go on a date with me.”

He seems harmless, and you need the money. Plus he’s fun to hang around and you both like the same movies.

You say yes.

Dinner is fine. You laugh a bit. He rubs your leg under the table. You dismiss it politely. Things get weird in the cinema. He attempts to cuddle you. Again, you manage to dismiss it.

On the way home you have a good chat about life. He pulls up outside your home and goes straight for the tongue kiss.

“Just let me come in. Nothing’s going to happen.”

You feel guilty and agree to have a drink or two.

He comes in and instantly lays his hands on you.

“Stop!” you shout.

“But I lent you that money. You owe me. This is the least you can do.”

Angry and frustrated you tell him to get out and lock the door.

You feel violated.

Enough is enough.

All these people keep taking advantage of you. Your job sucks and so does barely being able to pay bills.

A change has to happen.

After work you start working on a side hustle. You become determined to find ways to make money online.

You read every Rich Dad Poor Dad book and realize he’s a creep. But that leads you to the good stuff like “The Psychology of Money.”

You study your heart out every night. You find multiple ways to make a little extra cash. It starts out as small. A few eBooks sold. A course sale or two sold.

Within a year you’ve paid off the sleazy guy friend, wiped out the credit card, and have excess money invested.

Life starts to feel different.

When the job reaches rock bottom and the management team makes yet another dumb decision that crushes your incentive bonus, you say “sorry guys but “f*ck this.”

At a dinner with friends the sleazy guy who tried to force himself on you shows up.

“Sorry guys but f*ck this and f*ck him. That son of a b*tch sexually assaulted me”

You walk off in a blaze of glory.

The next day the bank calls offering you a new credit card with more reward points.

“You know what, f*ck it. Close all my cards. I’ve had enough of this sh*t.”

In the next year your tiny online income streams start to grow.

You have decent money that’s been invested in stocks and crypto. You’re not rich – but you’re not broke or desperate anymore.

If anything goes bad in life you can use this money. If a knobhead tries to grope you, you can use this money. If you no longer like your job and need time to look for a new one, you can use this money.

This money is called a F*ck Off Fund.

Most of us learn about them too late. If this is you, don’t waste any more time.

Build a F*ck Off Fund so you can say f*ck off to 99% of bullsh*t in life. And the gooses who manipulate you for personal gain.

That’s the secret formula to change your life. Do it.

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