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Build a Highly Profitable Side Hustle for $0 with These Underrated Tools

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Money

The best tools to make money online are free.

You do pay with your time, though, so that’s why you need to sort through the crap and get straight to the good tools.

These are the free tools that made me 6-figures and allowed me to quit my job, no BS.

The $0 tool you’re most likely *not* using

One of the simplest ways to make money online is by becoming a content creator. Choose your format: writing, video, audio, images.

Next, choose whether to inspire, entertain, teach, or make us laugh. If you post content online you’ll build an audience.

Here’s the big ass problem…

Your audience will be small at the start. So what’s a good person like yourself to do?

Go 1–1 with your audience first.

To successfully sell a course or launch an eCommerce store requires decent traffic. I accidentally discovered what you can do instead.

Make money from going 1–1 with your audience using a $0 tool called Loom.

See when you post online people have questions. You can answer those for free. But there’s an option to go deeper. Some people want more than a one-sentence reply to their email.

In the launch of my last course I offered an online audit in the top tier package. It cost over $1400. I thought nobody would buy it.


People wanted the highest tier because they wanted that 1–1 interaction. I started doing the audits for customers. I wrote them long emails because I wanted to overdeliver — the secret to online business!

At one point my business partner said “Dude, it’s easier if you just do the audits using Loom.”

Loom allows you to record your webcam and your computer screen, so you can show people stuff remotely and they can see your face and hear your sexy voice. After doing a couple I realized this is way more personal.

Bottom line

If you have a tiny audience of say 10 followers, you can use a free tool like Loom to do personalized audits or answer questions in-depth and ask for a small fee via PayPal.

Collect emails for $0

Substack is badass.

Many people miss the point. “It’s just newsletter software blah blah blah. Seen it all before mate.”

The key to a highly profitable side hustle is to understand the nuances. Look at the 1% differences.

Substack made people into publications. They pioneered the trend of newsletters being a webpage with a link rather than just an email non-subscribers can’t read.

They made ‘simple’ fashionable too. Try Mailchimp. I double dare ya.

Bloody impossible. Made by a chimp. Wait…now it makes sense.

The huge difference is that Substack is free for an unlimited number of subscribers. If it costs us $0 to be on your email list then it cost you $0 to use Substack and collect emails. Hell yes!

Whatever you do, own the contact details of every person you talk to online.


Build the list. Email the list.

Write the most helpful emails you possibly can. Save the audience time with your gorgeous curation powers that decode the internet.

At the end of every email promote one thing (not freaking ten things). That one thing can cost money — book, course, coaching, merchandise, eCommerce, membership, affiliate link.

$0 invested for nice cashola.

Walk down the road for some hanky-panky

If you’re going to link to stuff you need a website.


Websites aren’t a must. They’re a nice-to-have at the start. If ya mate is Mark Zuckerberg and he can code one up for ya then great. Otherwise, run for the hills with Mary Poppins.

The quiet road to walk down is Gumroad.

Whatever product you build as your side hustle you can sell it there. Then simply link to it. All the high-end tech gets eliminated. You can focus on your side hustle, not learning how to code.

Oh, and it’s $0. You only pay a fee when you sell, and it’s not eBay dictator-style high fees either. It’s modest and goes down the more you sell. Nice.

Get the word out for $0

To make money online people have to know what you do.

You need somewhere to tell stories, write how-tos, find your tribe, be part of niche conversations, and have a good time with great classic hits.

These are the free options:

  • Twitter — Slow to build at the start. Once you get cranking it’s great. Content is quick to create and the potential audience is massive. The entire game can be done from your phone.
  • LinkedIn — Forget the business talk. What nobody understands is you can reach a large amount of people for free without an audience. Why? LinkedIn isn’t funded solely by ads. Users pay to be on LinkedIn so the platform doesn’t need to prioritize ads over users like their competitors. Plus if you want to make money online, what better place than a business platform where users want to get sold to.
  • ProductHunt — Many of my software creator friends worship this one. It’s free and lets you get the word out about what you’ve built.
  • TikTok — Short videos are my worst nightmare. And dancing in my underwear isn’t good for the audience. But there’s no denying it — you can set up an account and get an audience quickly without much effort.

All your excuses now look bad

Go on… throw your excuses at me. What have ya got?

There is no excuse. A profitable side hustle can easily be built for $0 using these free tools. And if you have a tiny audience you can use Loom to start making money in the next 60 minutes.

Paid tools are a distraction.

Use free tools that are optimized to be stupidly simple for the masses so you can build a highly profitable side hustle faster.

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