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ChatGPT Is Massively Overhyped. It’s Time We All Calmed Down.

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Writing

ChatGPT is everywhere.

It feels like artificial intelligence has already won. It’s grabbed our attention and transformed every workplace and career conversation.

I’m sick of it.

The pattern that ChatGPT follows is the same with every new trend or technology. It’s time to get reminded so you stop wasting your life jumping at ChatGPT shadows.

The ChatGPT story to slap you across the face

My friend is between jobs.

His savings ran out recently in the middle of the Aussie summer. One too many holidays he couldn’t afford.

Three days ago the bald man in his forties with four kids called me.

“Timbo, this ChatGPT thing is gonna change the world, I tell ya. All I need is $3000 a week to pay my bills and I’ll be sweet.”

Here’s his brilliant idea…

Recipes. Everyone knows they’re one of the most popular forms of content online. He’s going to get ChatGPT to write recipe books for him.

And the punchline?

He’s never written anything online in his life. Let alone books. And he doesn’t cook or give a crap about food.

The AI will do it all. He’ll publish these recipe books on Amazon. “All I need is a handful of customers and I’ll be rich, Timmy!”

ChatGPT is making people stupid.

Everyone suddenly thinks they won’t need to work anymore because Uncle AI has got their back and will make a living for them on auto-pilot.

Here are a few thoughts on ChatGPT to make you rethink its importance.

This AI thing is gonna take years to evolve and be useful

The internet changed humanity.

At first it was famously called a scam. A place where druggies, serial killers and people who love watching skin to skin action hang out to get off.

Social media came next. There was fear everywhere. No one is safe. Careful what you say. Then came the cryptocurrency trend. “It’s a scam. It’s a ponzi scheme.” These major trends are now all part of society.

Humans are great at being fearful.

The thing is technology and innovation evolve. It takes time to marinate and find its use cases. ChatGPT will be useful for sure. But it’s years away from having the impact some people say it will have.

Slow down. Breathe. You’re not gonna get left behind.

Pay attention, yes. Play with it, too. But stop obsessing and freaking out, like a cheerleader that can’t find a cheer squad to join.

The reason the ChatGPT virus appears everywhere

Does it feel like you can’t escape ChatGPT?

It does to me. It’s bloody everywhere. In the last few weeks, fake gurus have been flogging ChatGPT prompt templates like it’s the gold rush all over again and everyone must know about it.

You wanna know why it’s everywhere?

We live in the attention economy. The online world is biased towards anything that happened recently and anything that’ll gain massive attention. So adult babies trying to get a quick hit of attention are crapping on about it for useless ‘likes.’

To top it off, we live in a world full of copy and paste sheep.

One sheep says something smart, so the rest of the sheep follow. Before you know it there are sheep everywhere preaching the gospel of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT feels bigger than it is because humans want to extract every ounce of value and attention they can from it. Don’t be fooled.

The big problem I’ve seen with ChatGPT

It’s not that ChatGPT is racist or will spy on you in the toilet. No.

The problem is ChatGPT is stopping many people from taking action. They want to place their goals on hold. They want to wait and see what happens.

This causes good people to pitch tents on the sidelines of the grassy oval called life and live in a holding pattern. It’s damn tragic.

Yes, ChatGPT matters and the trend of AI will be huge. But these things take time to play out. The same way, in 2008, when it became obvious electric cars would make a resurgence.

Here we are 15 years later and electric cars are still getting started. There’s traction with Tesla but still a lot of problems to solve. Is lithium a good store of energy and ethical? Will the battery life fall off a cliff after 2 years? When will there be more charging stations to make it easier to recharge?

These challenges will get solved in good time. Similar issues with AI will get solved, too, if we’re patient and don’t piss our pants in excitement.

“ChatGPT is going to take our jobs”

People said the same about the internet … and about robots.

Writers are the most fearful. They think writing online will die. Everything will be written by an AI bot who’s never had a human experience and can’t explain the complex emotions we feel when stuff happens that breaks our hearts. It’s taken me a lifetime to understand this principle…

Technology enhances us, it doesn’t steal from us.

ChatGPT will make us smarter. We’ll be able to do more with less. ChatGPT will help organize our messy brains, first. Then, secondly, the huge web of knowledge on the internet that takes millions of lifetimes to scroll.

It’ll be life-changing but at the same time AI will take its sweet-ass time.

So slow your roll. Calm down. Stop getting baited by ChatGPT attention gurus, watch what happens, play with the tools … and most importantly … live your damn life.

New technology always looks scary and steals our attention. Then all the hype dies down and everyone moves on to the next hype story.

This technology doom loop depletes your precious energy. Don’t let it.

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