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Is This the Highest Leverage Skill of 2023?

The whole video is worth watching, but here are the highlights:

  • Copywriting is an enormously high-leverage skill for this generation of work. With nearly 60% of U.S. workers going remote, making your point through words is critical.
  • Copywriting isn’t just “let me sell a product,” copy is the way to achieve your results, whether that’s a job or a customer or a boss.
  • WHAT is copywriting? Arranging words in such a way to make people FEEL or DO something.

Here are just a few ways copywriting can boost your career:

  • You can use copywriting on a résumé to get hired at your dream company.
  • You can use copy writing on your book description to sell more copies.
  • You can use copywriting at your job to leverage a raise in pay.
  • You can use copywriting on your blog to get more email subscribers.
  • You can use copywriting as a service for clients, and then take a cut of their sales.
  • You can use copy writing on a sales page to win the business of more readers.
  • You can use copy writing at the end of your social media posts to get more followers, likes, comments, or shares.
  • You can use copywriting for Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon ads to create an endless ROI arbitrage.
  • You can use copywriting in 1 to 1 emails to get more clients
  • You can use copywriting in direct messages to close more deals without ever leaving LinkedIn.

Be sure to watch at 6:14 when I talk about the absurd amount one copywriter makes… he can pretty much buy a house with every email he writes.

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