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Build a Creative Income Stream That Serves a Higher Purpose than Money

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Income Streams, Money

Creativity is thriving in the digital renaissance.

It’s hard to see for some, but that’s because they don’t look closely enough. Open up your view of the world and you’ll still people earning with their mind instead of their time.

The point of a creative income stream is lost. It’s not about money.

Money is such a shallow as hell goal

When normies hear “income stream” they throw up in their mouth.

I get it. I used to feel that way too. Part of the problem is much of the internet has transcended into low states of consciousness — blaming, politics, arguing, labels, competitive sports, etc.

My goal is to inspire people to go beyond the mindless path.

The point of a creative income stream — that comes from writing, illustrating, making videos, doing comedy, or making music — has nothing to do with being rich or buying a Ferrari.

Money is a resource that buys freedom. When you access personal freedom it unshackles your mind to be more creative.

A mind thriving on creativity can serve a higher purpose than one’s own survival. This is the third dimension I’ve recently entered.

When people hear “purpose” they may scoff at it. That’s because the word has lost so much meaning thanks to a world void of meaning. The goal for each of you should be to get it back.

Freedom fuelled creativity is the best way to do it.

A higher purpose creates unstoppable motivation

Money is a poor form of motivation.

Digits on a screen are infinite by nature. So no number is ever enough, which is why many naturally creative people lose their way.

A creative income stream that’s built on top of a higher purpose is easier to manage. Purpose creates motivation. It’s the intrinsic drive we need to push through the roadblocks and overcome struggles.

Real purpose transcends the shallow concept of “self.”

Recently I discovered this when I realized something about my own purpose. It hit me that what I do well is help people stop being ghosts.

I help people come out of their shells and use the internet as a way to attract opportunities into their life. Whether those opportunities make money or not doesn’t matter.

For some people, the money matters. For others, just the thrill of the creative chase is enough meaning. Once my higher purpose was unlocked I found it much easier to be self-motivated.

This is the true power of a higher purpose. It’s accessible to everyone.

Maybe your path is harder because your calling is higher — Aaron Will

9-5 jobs lure us into low states

I’m not here to diss jobs. That’s not the point.

But jobs aren’t a way to build a creative income stream or set yourself up for life. Jobs are there to kickstart your career. The default parts of a job are to:

  • Focus on revenue
  • Encourage competition among employees
  • Operate with little creativity and imagination — because they force people to go outside of the box and to blur the lines of reality

These are all low states of consciousness. Sure you can survive in this mode, but you can’t thrive. It’s why many people who work jobs feel like a big part of them is missing. Yet they can’t figure out what it is.

Once you get closer to natural creativity the idea of money, competition, or following rules becomes laughable. Nothing good comes from restraints.

The secret ingredient of a creative income stream

On the outside creative income streams look like hustle culture and burnout. What they misunderstand is obsession.

Creativity ultimately leads to obsession.

Once you become obsessed with a creative practice it’s hard to escape. It’s all you can think about. So you naturally work long hours at it and spend too much time doing it. On the outside you look insane. On the inside you feel awesome.

Obsession feels effortless.

You don’t need to be told what to do or to feel motivated. Taking time off from a creative obsession isn’t fun. It’s the sort of work you’d rather be doing when you have a day off from a job.

This creative obsession ultimately leads to mastery because of the number of unnatural reps you put in. Mastery then leads to self-belief. And self-belief is one of the most addictive feelings in the world.

It’s why creative people are often misunderstood.

The huge problem with creative income streams

Creativity that’s attached to a higher purpose becomes extreme, fast.

The problem is you won’t feel normal anymore. It’ll be hard to relate to people in the office or even your family. You may feel like an outcast or even experience loneliness.

This is why it’s so important to be around other creative people who prioritize passion over money.

What happens if you ignore a higher purpose

Most people don’t have a higher purpose.

They live on auto-pilot and it creates many hidden problems. If you don’t take the time to understand what your higher purpose will be then the world will choose a mission for you — and it won’t be pretty.

  • You’ll build someone else’s dream.
  • You’ll become a follower instead of a creator.

As author James Clear says, “You can either create your life or live it.”

But “living” is like barely breathing. It’s a low-energy existence. Self-care has become all the rage. It’s promoted as the solution to life’s biggest problems. “You’re working too hard, take a load off.”

Investor Molly Mielke says “There’s intense cruelty in shilling self-care as the solution for people who are clearly craving purpose.”

A clear purpose driven by creativity will fix more problems than Netflix and Chill.

Creativity creates this powerful feeling

To feel dead in our head all we need are thoughts of taxes, death, destruction, fear, doubt, and anxiety.

Layer in some external opinions and you’ve got the perfect sh*t sandwich. Everything we love — sex, music, flow states, nature, walks, exercise — all happen in the present.

Creativity takes us away from past and future thinking, and into the present moment. In the present we can feel what it’s like to truly live. We can escape the void and enter the 3D world of consciousness in 4K clarity.

What you have to give up to access higher purpose creativity

The measure of how much you love something is what you sacrifice for it — Naval Ravikant

As with anything worth doing, there’s sacrifice involved.

You have to be willing to give up the sure thing for the right thing. The sure thing is a job with a steady income and rules to follow. The right thing is creativity driven by a fluctuating income.

A simple way to make the transition from one way of living to the other is to embrace randomness. Stop following the certain path.

  • Go off course.
  • Do something you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Dare to head in a direction no one else is going.

It is through randomness that we find our true creative genius again.

The simple way to find the creative income stream that raises consciousness

Do this: choose an income stream that gives you chills. That raises the tiny hairs on the back of your neck.

How creativity makes you feel is an excellent decision-making lens to make decisions through. When I write I come alive. The emotion from the art form causes me to get chills.

When I read the comments, I’m further inspired.

Sensible people get paid for what they enjoy doing — Alan Watts

Don’t choose a creative income stream based on how much it’ll make you. Choose it based on how you feel. Choose based on whether you find flow easily. Choose based on what causes humanity to pay attention and take note of your work.

Then the money will find its way to you. But not before.

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