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These Confronting Health Tips Helped Me Rebuild My Energy Levels

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Life Hacks

I’ve struggled with energy my entire life.

Without energy it became hard to function. I’d start a task and then drop to the floor after 30 mins.

“I’m really tired” I used to say all the time.

People got sick of it. I became the boy who cried wolf. I complained a lot but did nothing about it. Only when my mental health collapsed did I get a chance to rebuild my life and understand what was screwing with my energy levels.

Here are a few confronting health tips I learned.

Eat more plants

I eat a whole food plant-based diet. No meat or dairy.

Now, you do you and follow whatever diet you want. Nothing against eating meat. What’s more important is that most of us eat too much meat.

I used to eat meat for three meals a day most of the week.

Asking your body to break down a huge steak is a lot of work that can take up to 72 hours. It takes a lot more work than breaking down plants. So when the body has to break down lots of meat it makes you tired.

Eating more plants gave me more energy.

Open windows to remove CO2

I was a CO2 dumbass for a long time.

I’d keep all the windows shut and never open them. Over time this creates a build-up in indoor CO2.

Poor indoor air quality can make you sick and impair brain function. That’s why I now regularly open windows and let fresh air in.

To prevent the issue I’ve also bought an indoor CO2 meter.

Understand this weird thing about stress

Most of you know stress is poison.

That’s why we have weekends, holidays, and time to relax. The confronting truth I discovered is that most stress we experience is optional. A lot of my stress came from my job, so I quit and got a new one.

Certain people created a lot of stress in my life too so I hit the ctrl + alt + delete button on their asses. Like magic, all the drama exited through the back door. Nice.

Choose less stress for a better quality of life.

Modern pleasures drain your energy

Naughty internet videos of nude people doing it fry your brain.

It’s the greatest threat to humans the internet has created. Too much TikTok or Youtube isn’t great either. Then there’s Netflix — the service designed to get you addicted to a television show so you binge-watch the entire thing and burn up all the free hours of your weekend.

Phones are the ultimate drain on your energy.

All the notifications play havoc on your emotions. The fear you could miss a call from your boss or partner acts as a permanent distraction that anchors your attention in a world of chaos.

When I now see a phone in my pocket, I see a portable slot machine that should belong in Las Vegas.

Less modern pleasure increases energy.

No more of this liquid that kills brain cells

Alcohol is another modern-day devil. The substance gets away with murder and destruction in our society because somehow it’s managed to escape the stigma other drugs have.

But the sh*t is rat poison.

Alcohol kills brain cells which might explain why people on social media claim to see a rise in stupidity.

Perhaps we’re not stupid. Perhaps we simply drink too much to escape problems we’re unwilling to face.

Photo by Toni Frost on Unsplash

What to bizarrely do about *not* feeling like doing exercise

The March 2020 health crisis that locked the world down caused havoc on my body. Because the gym shut I didn’t exercise for more than a year.

All sorts of strange problems started to appear. I got weird cramps, chronic back pain, and became stiff as a brick. Nothing seemed to work, then I went back to the gym and started exercising again.

Within a month or two I was as good as new.

It wasn’t easy though. I didn’t feel like exercising again. Then it hit me…

We aren’t gifted the energy to exercise. The energy to exercise comes from doing exercise. It bleeds into all other areas of your life.

Embrace weird types of meditation

You’ve all heard of the Calm or Headspace meditation apps by now.

But life is full of different types of meditation.

  • Walking
  • Brewing tea
  • Being in nature
  • Doing the dishes
  • Watching your kids play (coming soon for me)

Each of these activities brings your mind back to the present moment, which is the meaning of meditation. So if you can’t sit still and listen to a hippie tell you to breathe in and out, try these types of meditation instead.

Walking 10,000 steps a day is a marketing myth

Walking is nice.

Except it’s become a chore we never have time to do. Why? The cliche advice is to walk 10,000 steps a day, so like sheep, we try to do it.

Walking 10,000 steps a day came from a Japanese pedometer business that had it as its slogan. There’s no science behind it.

A Harvard and University of Tokyo study found walking 4400 steps a day resulted in a 41% reduction in mortality. Those who walked 7500 steps a day saw a 65% reduction.

Walking is a great form of exercise, although I’ve found doing exercise that gets my heart rate up gives me a lot more energy.

No more “zero sugar”

People think zero-sugar products are good for them.

What they often don’t understand is when sugar is removed, chemicals are added. These toxins are often way worse than sugar. Don’t be a dumb-dumb that falls for marketing gimmicks.

If it sounds too healthy to be true it probably is.

A natural way to relieve hunger

When you feel hungry it’s often dehydration in disguise.

Most of us are drowning in calories.

We eat regular meals so the chance of being genuinely hungry or having an empty stomach is low. For the last few years, when I feel hungry I simply drink water and the feeling tends to go away.

Science says dehydration leads to increased stress, low energy, and a bad mood. Drink more water to become a happy, confident badass.

The other side to fasting rarely spoken of

Trying to go days without eating food so I can be one of the cool kids and fast makes me feel like a navy seal.

What works for me is natural fasting. During the night our bodies are asleep and we naturally fast. All I do is continue the party when I wake up. Instead of eating immediately and breaking the fast, I delay eating until later in the morning. I do the same at night.

After dinner, most nights, instead of continue to stuff my face with delicious treats, I stop eating. This means from about 7 pm until 9 am the next morning, my body is able to fast.

Fasting helps to boost mental clarity. Try it.

Get a Pamela Anderson tan in the morning

Pam loves the sun.

Turns out getting sun first thing in the morning is good for your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm regulates your sleep and wake cycles — because we’re all just 4000-year-old apes underneath our meat suits.

Sun in the morning helps tell your body clock what time of day it is.

This makes the whole going to bed at the right time and waking up early part of life much easier.

Walking in the sun always rebuilds my energy

Whenever I feel pissed off I go for a walk in the sun.

No matter how great the anger, the sun always manages to calm my farm. There’s something about the afternoon sun that revitalizes our energy.

Often I don’t have time for sun, though, so I simply make one of my phone calls a walking meeting. Problem solved.

Eliminate dead foods

What we put into our bodies determines what we can get out of life.

Modern society binges on sugar and processed food. These dead foods produce inflammation in the body to fight off the nasties.

Many diseases boil down to too much inflammation in the body. So not eating processed foods (chemicals) and sugar will make you feel much better. You won’t have to try so hard to be healthy or go on wild diets when you do.

Just eat the plain obvious stuff nature intended us to eat. The foods that are, you know, alive at some point in their lifecycle.

Final Thought

The truth about health is confronting.

Many people get brainwashed by clever marketing or industry interests that put profits over human health. Not much you can do.

Nothing I’ve suggested above should sound weird. It’s all pretty logical for an average person.

The reason I pay attention to my health isn’t to look cool or talk down to others. It’s to have the energy to live life and be a good dad to my unborn daughter. It’s to have energy to inspire others to chase their goals.

Oh, and I choose to invest in my health now so I don’t have to pay the giant healthcare bills later.

Living like sh*t is a tax on your future enjoyment of life.

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