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47 (Short) Rules to Achieve Financial Freedom Without Selling Your Soul

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Financial Freedom, Money

Financial freedom should happen by default.

It’s humans that get in the way and break the magic formulas of:

  • Exponential business growth
  • What Einstein called the 8th wonder of the world — compounding

If you want to reach financial freedom before you’re dead then it’s your mindset that’ll save you.

The best way I’ve found to protect my financial mindset is with these short rules. Hopefully they’ll help you reach financial freedom too.

(These first few rules are mind-bending.)

  1. Learn about why the government can never default on its debt. It’ll change how you view recessions and economic downturns.
  2. Money created out of thin air by central banks causes currency debasement. Currency debasement will prevent financial freedom if you don’t understand it, so study how it works.
  3. There’s a 1% chance a job will lead to financial freedom.
  4. Global liquidity determines how fast asset prices rise or fall. Follow the rise in liquidity to know when prices will go up, so you can profit.
  5. Invest money every week. If you’re not building passive income, you’re someone else’s passive income.
  6. Read “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel.
  7. Don’t use debt to buy luxury possessions. Use debt to acquire real estate.
  8. Learn the art of stupidly honest persuasion. That’s how you get people to give you money without them bothering to look at other options.
  9. Tweet to test ideas. Turn the best ideas into online income streams.
  10. Treat money like a game. Don’t obsess over it. No. Have fun with it. Some days you win and other days you get a financial education.
  11. Choose a romantic partner who isn’t a giant disaster. Marry right and money gets even easier.
  12. Watch lifestyle creep like a hawk. When income goes up expenses shouldn’t match, otherwise you got no richer.
  13. Interest rates can go up when you least expect them to. Always factor in them into your expense management.
  14. Know exactly how much money is coming in and going out each month. Knowing the numbers helps you make better financial decisions.
  15. Study the past markets of Bitcoin and Ethereum to see why they’ve been one of the best investments of the last 100 years. The rest is noise.
  16. Decide what work you’ll do when you reach financial freedom, otherwise you’ll get bored and do something stupid.
  17. If you work a job then go out to the marketplace. See if you can get a higher salary, or even better, higher performance bonuses. If the answer is yes then quit and move on. Regularly changing jobs is a financial hack.
  18. Try being a people leader. They often get paid more.
  19. Ignore what the mob says in tweets or on TikTok. Often they’re just looking for engagement by exploiting your fears.
  20. One day the US dollar won’t be the most traded currency in the world. All superpowers are eventually dethroned. So invest in assets that aren’t all priced in US dollars.
  21. When you ask someone for money always follow up. 99% of people won’t, so you’ll make more money. Follow up 5 times and you’ll win even more business than you could ever imagine. Patience pays.
  22. When investing money, make the minimum timeframe to get a return on the cash 5 years. Stops you becoming a trader.
  23. Buy stocks and hold.
  24. Become a business owner, either by starting a business, or by owning stocks. Owners get paid more.
  25. Subscribe to the best money newsletters to constantly challenge your money beliefs.
  26. Fortunes aren’t built overnight. Play the long game.
  27. The internet gives access to some of the greatest financial leverage in history. Learn how to build leverage. Once your flywheels are spinning, sit back and let money make life easier.
  28. Take mini-retirements throughout your whole money-making journey.
  29. Use money to buy back your time.
  30. The best way to use money to be free is to help others access freedom.
  31. You can access the feeling of financial freedom before the money hits your bank account, by giving money to someone who can never pay you back.
  32. Purchase experiences instead of possessions as you remember them a lot longer.
  33. If your parents need money then help them. Financial freedom is useless if your close family still has to suffer.
  34. Take asymmetric risks to get wealthier faster.
  35. You have to be willing to lose money to make money.
  36. Online education is an investment, not an expense.
  37. Netflix costs more than $9.99 a month because you pay for it with the free time you could be using to become financially free.
  38. Accepting poverty is harder than working your way to financial freedom.
  39. Money is a psychological game. Learn about the mind, get back your time.
  40. One income source is the fastest way to never be financially free.
  41. A salary is the highest-risk income source there is.
  42. Writing on the internet is the most underrated way to attract financial opportunities.
  43. Wealthy people are kind. Rich people are monsters. Get wealthy.
  44. Buying luxury brands forces you to work longer and harder to be free. You’re paying for useless status.
  45. Where one person sees problems, the other sees opportunities. You’re either a problem creator or a problem solver. The latter makes you stupidly wealthy.
  46. Money isn’t evil. Working your entire life having to be busy all the time is.
  47. Stop using money to build a legacy for when you’re dead. People are too busy to focus on the dead. So use money now while you’re alive to be free.

This article is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered financial, tax or legal advice. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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