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Here’s How to Become an Unf*ckwithable Genius - So You Can Remove 99% of the Drama from Life

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Success

Businesswomen who don’t put up with bad boys are the best.

My friend is like that.

You can’t screw with her. Recently, her boss said, after a few drinks in front of the team, that she was unstructured and he can’t control her.

In corporate, that means you’re sh*t.

She’s a 30-something new mother with a badass attitude. She makes the average sales guy look like a knobhead with a limp d*ck.

She runs circles around every person I’ve ever worked with. She can go into a customer meeting with zero notes and speak fluently about a topic she has no clue about. I saw her do it once with crypto. She had no idea about it and sounded smart.

No matter what any dumb boss says, you can’t mess with her. She’ll show up, follow up, and blow up most debates. So what did she do about these lazy comments from a rude boss?

Ohhhhhh nothing.

Next day she just went on LinkedIn jobs and made her way outta that hellhole.

Becoming an unf*ckwithable genius is about knowing your stuff, respecting yourself, not letting dumb mofos get you down, and giving less f*cks. It’s also about these odd things.

The same sh*t you laugh at can happen to you

Don’t look down on others. Why?

One day it could happen to you. You see it with 20-30 year olds. They laugh at people with kids. They say “what a bad parent” when a kid screams louder than Mariah Carey on a vocal track.

Then years later they end up being part of an accidental pregnancy. Now the joke is on them. Try getting a kid to be quiet for 5 minutes.

Imagine everyone else’s problem as your future problem. It provides unf*ckwithable empathy.

You’re in control. You’re in control. You’re in control.

Stop blaming your problems on third parties.

Society doesn’t care. Politicians don’t care. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care that you want him to censor someone. Joe Rogan doesn’t care that you don’t like his opinions.

Focus on what you can control. Don’t outsource control.

You are to blame. You created this mess. That’s great freaking news. It means you can step in and solve the issue too. Whoohaaaaa. Hell yeah.

It’s thinking fame and riches are a joke

Try becoming famous. The drama it creates is unbelievable.

Life becomes a competition. Everyone is your enemy. You have to adopt the step-over-dead-bodies mindset. It’s disgusting, worse than Paris Hotel Hilton.

Talk to a few famous people. I have. They’re desperate for a normal life.

The worst part about fame? You lose your freedom of speech. Everything you say is subject to scrutiny. Tweets from 5 years ago can destroy everything you’ve built and cause the Lambo to get towed away forever.

Wealth is NOT being famous.

It’s owning your time to do whatever the hell you want and snoozing until 11 AM if you choose to lose a few hours of the day.

It’s being a tightarse with your time

Not having time creates a lot of drama.

You have to fight for 5 minutes in the morning to eat your Vegemite on toast. It sucks ass. I wouldn’t wish the busy life on my worst enemy — except maybe Putin.

Those meetings? Start saying no. Those pick your brain direct messages? Sorry, can’t do it. The podcast interview for the nice woman with 4 listeners and a free cup of instant coffee on arrival? Soz. No time.

Time tightarses are going to become a thing. Trust me.

Treat every hour on Earth like one whole Bitcoin.

You’ll never waste another minute fulfilling someone else’s agenda using your borrowed time. Time that could suddenly expire if a speed boat crashes into your bedroom at night and lands on your gorgeous face.

It’s building a fortress around your mind

A large pair of biceps doesn’t make you strong. Your mind does.

You can build a fortress around your mind by studying psychology. Start with “Think And Grow Rich.” Then read some Carl Jung. Finish with “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

Psychology helps decode your mind. Once you understand how you think, everything changes. You see excuses as lies, asks as hidden agendas, and the best skill to learn as gentle persuasion.

After all, life is one giant salesfest to get what you want, and to help others get what they want.

It’s not waiting until you’re ready, because, you know, you can get hit by a bus

Too many of us will just wait forever — SteveOnSpeed

I’m still not ready to get married (too late) or have kids or get a mortgage.

I still have the same nightmares I had as a kid. The worst one being that world war breaks out and I have to go and fight as a soldier.

I hate war. It’s where good people go to die for a leader who treats them as his plastic soldiers on a kid’s battlefield play mat.

The best time to start is now. What the heck are you waiting for? What’s going to change? Do you want this or not? Or are you just playing around and lying to yourself about…well…everything?

Stuff that matters happens today. Stuff that doesn’t matter happens in the fantasy world of tomorrow — where a bus in the face can end your life.

Fire. Aim. Ready.

It’s saying “heck no” to 99% of asks

Derek Sivers says only accept asks that make you instantly go hell yes. Not bad ol’ man Derek, but I disagree.

Every ‘ask’ occupies room in your brain. Read that again.

Before and after the ask of your time there’s additional anxiety. What I do is say no, even if I might say yes later.


  • Requires the person to follow up
  • Makes them really want it
  • Determines how serious the ask is
  • Forces more passion and energy to be injected into the ask

Asking is an art.

Don’t let someone draw stick fingers and get what they want. Make them draw you a Picasso, then say yes if it makes sense. Or say no with zero f*cks given. One life, your life.

It’s not even saying no at all. It’s saying nothing. It’s silence.

Now you’re really unf*ckwithable.

Talking takes energy. It encourages feedback. Why say anything at all? Towards the end of my 9-5 career last year I became deadly silent. I just stopped talking in meetings altogether.

One rando HR person said “you must promote this product on your LinkedIn.”

Normally I’d say “how bout no lady.”

This time I said nothing. It was just never gonna happen. Why argue? Why give her evidence to use against me with my boss? So, silence worked best.

No one can mess with you if you keep your mouth shut and let them ruin their own future.

Silence removes a heck of a lot of drama.

It’s not getting mad anymore at dumb stuff

I ended up realizing that if anyone makes me mad, they own me. So, I try to not get mad anymore — Mike Tyson

Anger is addictive. It’s worse than p*rn or crack. Go on Twitter. Look at all the addicts hooked on anger. They can’t get enough.

Anger is a way to give control of your brain over to others. The news has been doing it for years. They use anger to get your attention and drain your life.

Don’t get mad at randoms. Just be silent.

Do a Keanu Reeves, and become sexy AF.

It’s brainwashing yourself because it’s better than society’s BS programming

I’m delusional. The truth is we’re going to get brainwashed by something. May as well brainwash yourself, I say.

Back yourself. Tell yourself positive affirmations about all the great things you’re going to do in this one life.

The voice living inside your head is responsible for so many life outcomes. May as well manipulate it in your favor.

Brainwash yourself or get brainwashed. Choose wisely.

It’s realizing what causes your mood to blow up

Met a cranky Karen at work?

I’ll explain where Karen gets the bad mood from.

  1. A lack of sleep.
  2. Bad diet that steals energy.
  3. Not enough basic exercise.

You can’t screw with high energy. Create energy-building habits.

Long live the unf*ckwithable Genius

You will shape our planet’s future and make it happen. Don’t let us down. Maintain your badassery.

So much drama goes away when you live as an unf*ckwithable Genius.

Try it.

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