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High-Priced Stuff That’s Worth Every Single Dollar

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Financial Freedom, Money

These things look like a millionaire’s shopping list.

But individually each item on the below list is affordable. The goal isn’t to buy all of them. Nope. It’s to indulge in the one that gets you the best outcome.

Millionaires love to buy yachts, mansions, and Ferraris. Most of these luxury things aren’t useful, though. They’re decoys for happiness. But saving time and energy has huge pay-offs and that’s the ultimate luxury.

Here are the high-priced things I’ve tried and loved in my life.

Virtual assistants

This one is controversial.

Last time I wrote about my virtual assistants I got a nasty email from a long-time reader.

“How dare you exploit workers from third-world countries for $2 an hour!”

Just one of my virtual assistants costs $50 an hour and they’re from Canada. Haters will jump to conclusions when you mention VAs because they’re made out to be slave workers on minimum wage.

I’ve found if you pay good money for an assistant, it frees up a lot of time.

I don’t think people need to spend $50 an hour (my needs are extreme), but you can definitely find a good VA for a thousand or even a few hundred dollars. The mistake people make is they think a VA has to be full-time.

But even a VA doing 5 hours of work for you a month is a massive help. Also, while VAs charge an hourly rate, it’s normally a guide. They’re often more generous with how much work they do if you take care of them.

Dyson Ball Vacuum

For years I bought cheap vacuums.

Then I got a Dyson Ball Vacuum. It’s not the fancy type that has batteries and hangs on the wall. It’s the one you plug into the wall with a power cable.

I love it because it’s indestructible. I’ve dropped it down stairs, stood on it, and done hours of vacuuming with it. It never gives up. The suction on it is amazing and outperforms every other vacuum I’ve had.

I find over time the average vacuum cleaner loses suction or performs worse as more dust is stored inside of it. The Dyson never has this issue and it’s bagless. In the future I hope to upgrade to the cordless battery Dyson vacuum.

A good vacuum keeps the house clean and saves time.

Personal trainer

This is an underrated purchase.

I go to the gym four times a week. Almost every person I see there trains wrong. They lift wrong. They put pressure on their back. They lift too heavy. They do cheat reps.

In the early 2000s I got a personal trainer for the first time. Within 6 months I was in the best shape of my life. Even though I don’t have a personal trainer now, I still remember everything Dave taught me.

What I learned is you will hit your fitness and weight goals faster with a personal trainer.

They push you beyond your comfort zone. They help you do negative reps. They motivate you on the bad days. They create accountability by both forcing you to show up and still paying if you don’t.

If you can’t afford a personal trainer long term, at least get one for five sessions and learn the right way to do each exercise.

Tailored suit

I have an odd body shape.

I’m tall, skinny, got long legs, and a strange sized torso. Clothes off the rack never fit. Most t-shirts look like crop tops on me. A few years back I discovered tailored clothing.

I bought a custom-tailored suit made to order. Compared to my old baggy suits that look like the one Chandler wore on the show Friends in the 90s, these suits fit perfectly.

Every time I bust out my tailored suit I get positive comments. A good suit is helpful in your career too. At a job interview, you want to look your best and a tailored suit helps subtly do that.

Invest in what you wear to look professional.

A high-end firm mattress

Every time I stay in a hotel I regret it.

The mattresses always suck. I wake up the next day with a bad back. A few years ago my wife and I bought a high-end firm mattress. It cost more than we wanted to pay but it’s improved our sleep.

Most mattresses are too soft. Or they become soft after a few years of use.

Many people on social media recommend 8-Sleep mattresses. I haven’t tried one yet. They say they’re great because they help to regulate temperature. The body needs to be cool overnight to sleep well.

Next on my shopping list is to try one of these temperature-controlled mattresses. For now, I’m happy with my firm mattress.

Never underestimate your sleep. Better sleep equals to more energy. And that’s how you achieve hard things that most people are too tired to do.

A comfortable office chair and a stand-up desk

I spend a lot of time writing in my home office.

A good office chair is crucial. It helps keep my back straight and cushion my fragile buttocks. I used to own an overpriced Herman Miller chair that people rave about it.

Worst chair ever.

Never buy a chair based on brand. Try it for yourself and make sure you can sit in it for extended periods.

I also own a quality stand-up desk, too. Sitting all day is the new smoking. I find alternating between sitting and standing helps my back.

Invest in your back, or get ready to pay chiropractors to crack your back.

A Tesla car

This is the only item on the list I don’t own.

Many of my friends own Teslas. I used to think they were stupid for buying one and I didn’t get it. I thought electric cars were a fad.

Now I’ve changed my mind. Once you’ve been in a Tesla you realize every other car is a typewriter. One friend has a 9-year old Tesla. It’s lost 18% of its battery capacity, had two new sets of tires, and no other repairs.

The brakes last longer because he says they’re regenerative and not pushed as hard as normal brakes.

My gas-guzzling car on the other hand always costs money. Oil changes, transmission oil, brake fluid, etc.

The other big difference with a Tesla is the software is spectacular. It’s minimalist like an Apple iPhone and even a dumb-dumb like me can use every feature.

In the future, we will judge cars based on the software, not on the metal shape or tires they have on them.

Mac desktop computer

Apple computers are expensive.

I switched back in 2005 from PC to Mac and never looked back. Macs are only expensive if you go above the base version of any of their models. If you buy a Mac Mini or Macbook Air they’re pretty cheap.

My Mac computer is old now and it keeps going. I find I can keep them for 5 years or longer with no issues. Another trick is to buy a used Mac. I got a secondhand Macbook Air for a few hundred dollars and it’s hardly used.

Macs are addictive because they’re easy to use and just work. No spyware, viruses, or rogue software. No endless menus or popups warning you of some bug you’ve never heard of (like a good ol’ Kernel Debug…WTF.)

Choose simple when it comes to tech.

Fake grass in the backyard

All of my neighbors have real grass.

Every Saturday they’re outside mowing their lawn to keep it cut. If they don’t and it gets too high, then the local council fines them.

I hate gardening so I replaced the grass in my house with a fake one. Neighbors thought I was nuts. But I don’t mow my lawn. And when it rains my grass isn’t a giant puddle of sludge.

Fake grass drains well and looks awesome. I have no clue why anyone would ever want real grass.

Bright orange snow jacket that says HELLO!

It’s cold where I live.

Some call Melbourne, Australia the second state of Antarctica. We get all the Antarctic winds. As I write this, it’s supposed to be summer. Yet it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

The cold summer wind is enough to give me frostbite.

One of my favorite purchases is a quality snow jacket. It cost like $800 but it’s useful in many applications. It’s bright orange and is better at guiding ships away from the shore than a lighthouse.

There’s nothing better than being warm and toasty outside in the middle of winter. You can do more things.

A daughter

My biggest expense is having a kid.

I never expected it. The bills never stop. Daycare, prams, baby outfits, change tables, wet wipes, diapers, etc. The amount I spend on my kid is enough money to buy a high-roller a private jet every 6 months.

My single friends think I’m nuts. They think kids are expensive and prefer to own a dog or fur baby instead. Sometimes I think they’re right.

But even though my daughter costs a fortune, she’s my biggest achievement ever. She means more to me than any silly business, house, car, or Gucci handbag. The joy is endless.

So…I guess what I’m saying is have a baby??? I don’t know.

The real message is, the things you spend the most money on that bring the most joy are often not what you think.

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