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How to Get 100,000 Views on LinkedIn in 15 Minutes Per Day (Masterclass Replay)

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Let me spoil a little bit of this masterclass for you.

There’s a point where I literally say “if anyone tells anyone about this, you’re in big trouble.”


What can I say, my blood gets hot whenever I start teaching. The adrenaline makes me do wild things.

As usual, I recommend watching the whole masterclass to get all the juicy details, but here are three highlights.

Use text updates, not long-form blog posts

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn, especially writers.

There was a time when the long-form post got you mad traffic on LinkedIn. Not anymore. Now, if you bother to spend your time there, you’re going to spend a lot of time for not much return. (The possible exception to this is if you have access to LinkedIn’s new newsletter feature)

LinkedIn psychology is different

Many people will try and copy their tweets or Facebook posts over to LinkedIn, assuming they will work just fine.


LinkedIn is a completely different platform. Different rules. Different behavior.

Here’s a good test to ask yourself before you post:

“Would I say this to colleagues at the water cooler?”

If the answer is “no,” or even “maybe not,” delete that post and try something else.

Stop pasting in external links

“Tim, you say LinkedIn is great for building an audience, but nobody every clicks on my links!”

Ask yourself this question – do you think it’s in LinkedIn’s best interest to send people AWAY from their site?

Answer: of course not.

The algorithm shows no love to external links. More importantly than that, external links always end up looking like ads, which is why most people scroll right on by them without a thought.

Enjoy the replay, and I hope to see you in the course.