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How to Live an Abnormal Life in 2022

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Life Hacks

Crazy experiments can decode the clues to an abnormal life.

One professor decided to teach their students a wild lesson. Each student got given a balloon. They had to write their name on it.

All the balloons were then thrown into the hallway outside their classroom. Once the balloons were all in the hallway the professor mixed them all up.

All you could see was a sea of blue balloons.

The professor then gave the students an assignment. They had to plow through the hallway and find the balloon with their name on it and do so within 5 minutes. Otherwise they’d fail.

Imagine the spectacle.

A classroom of students running through a hallway of balloons higher than their tiny bodies.

Madness followed. Students frantically looked everywhere for the balloon with their name on it.

Image Credit: Blake Green via LinkedIn

“Stop, that’s enough. You all failed.”

The professor gave them a new assignment. They had to get the first balloon they found … and hand it to the person whose name was on it.

5 minutes later each student had their own balloon.

The professor then announced, “These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people’s happiness, we’ll find ours too.”

Abnormal people unselfishly make others happy. You can too.

Here’s how to live an abnormal life and become the happiest you’ve ever been.

Write online

So many people tell me “I can’t write. I’m not qualified.”

But if you write emails and send text messages to your family then you’re already a writer.

Whoever said you need qualifications to write online should get canceled. Probably a Harvard professor spreading the elitism disease.

It’s a lie.

Anyone can write online, yet most don’t. They’re afraid of what people think. They spend an ungodly amount of time wondering what their boss and colleagues might have to say about their decision.

I sent out a survey to my email list of 50,000+ people. I asked “why don’t you write online?” Their answer…


Abnormal people write online. They’re not afraid of opinions. They don’t want to be right or avoid criticism. No. They just want to make people think.

Writing is how we share ideas. Ideas need to be heard. Then they turn into action. That’s how ideas change the world. And if you spread ideas, you become a catalyst.

Catalysts for change are people magnets. They get unfair advantages. Opportunities stick to them like glue.

Be quietly grateful

The Me, Me, Me pandemic has made us think we always need more.

We’re never happy with what we already have. Individualism rules the world. Instagram spreads it. Influencers profit off it.

Imagine being grateful though. Imagine you didn’t need more, more, more. Imagine consumerism was a nightmare. Imagine you were happy with what you had and didn’t need to bankrupt someone else’s future to get ahead.

Abnormal people aren’t trying to get more. They already have enough. Anything else is a bonus cherry on top.

Switch off fearbait news

Axios reported they’ve discovered a new trend…

Image Credit-TrungTPhan via Twitter


Sean Kernan calls it Fearbait. It’s predatory. It’s designed to deplete your energy and screw up your mind so you can’t think rationally. All for profit.

Abnormal people don’t watch the news. Staying informed is a mind disease. There are better ways to learn than have breaking news slammed down your throat with images that ice pick you in the face.

Fearbait is the number one way to make money online.

It’s a form of entrepreneurship. America is going to be fine. Don’t be fooled by these jokers. Politics doesn’t help. It pits people against each other to help with the re-election of whoever has the biggest ego.

Maybe this is the abnormal answer to the good life…

Stop having political beliefs, they’re just making you mad — @ Delicious_Tacos

Read instead of watch Star Wars

Star Wars is everywhere.

Ever since Disney bought it they’ve prostituted out every tiny story from the movies into spin-off tv shows. Plenty of people watch it.

Abnormal people read at night instead of streaming whatever the latest useless craze is (designed to distract you from the good life).

It’s easy to say you don’t know any successful people. Or that you grew up in a rough area and didn’t have any good mentors. But most countries have libraries full of books you can borrow for free. And books are written by great people that can become your mentor for a few weeks or even months.

No point watching the fictional lives of others on Netflix. May as well build an abnormal life you’ll be proud of by learning life lessons from people further ahead.

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others — Otto Van Bismark

Become an ideas machine

Problems can consume you or become opportunities.

Problems won’t solve themselves. The abnormal way to solve them is to write listicles. We learned it from the listicle bloggers who drowned us in a sea of articles with titles such as “Five ways to have a better life.”

Whatever your problem, brainstorm ten ideas a day.

Unleash your creativity. Pretend their are no limits and write down ideas for solving problems, rather than blame and complain about problems to Karen next door.

Then take your ideas on a walk with you and let your mind work its magic. You’ll be surprised with the kickass solutions you can come up with.

If you want to really become a weirdo, then dare to share these ideas with others who might benefit from them. Another awesome relationship builder.

Launch a whacko newsletter

A newsletter is a way to curate the best ideas, insights, and memories from your life. This is abnormal.

A lot of people just forget 99% of what happens to them. They don’t have a database of journal entries or experiences they can look back on.

A newsletter follows the popular trend of “build in public.”

It’s where you make all the best aha-moments you come across public. It becomes proof-of-work if you ever come in contact with a gatekeeper who can either support or destroy your biggest goals.

Dare to launch a newsletter. Don’t worry if there’s zero audience. Make it friends and family to start with.

Invest when markets are down

The average person invests when financial markets are doing well and stops investing when a recession hits.

When markets go down it robs them of their enthusiasm. They start to believe the headlines. “It’s over.”

Abnormal people build generational wealth during the biggest recessions in history. They see “Amazon down 80%” and buy like mad. They see “crypto markets crash 50%” and can’t believe their luck.

They feel so lucky they almost buy a lottery ticket.

Until they remember the best investment isn’t betting on luck. It’s betting on humans to solve hard problems, innovate, and send us to Mars one day.

Investing in assets during hard times will make you wealthy one day.

Then you’ll have an abnormal amount of money to buy back your time and be free from being told what to do for the rest of your career.

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