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People Who Warn You About “Hustle Culture,” Should Warn You More About Poverty

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Money, Personal Finance

The productivity rebellion misses one thing.

That is, they don’t offer a better solution. In fact, they offer no solutions. All they offer are problems. Don’t know about you, Bu, but I don’t need more problems. These fake gurus with their warnings have no clue.

Hustle culture is a myth

Even 5th graders know you’ve gotta work hard.

If you want to sit on the beach and get laid while getting paid, you’ve probably been smoking a few too many joints. Life doesn’t work like that.

Whether we like it or not, hard work is part of the blueprint. Nothing good happens without hard work. That doesn’t mean you work 22-hour days and sniff white powder to stay awake.

But it does mean you have to have a healthy relationship with hard work.

The warnings about hustle culture are overrated because they’re designed to sound smart, grab attention, and start wars online.

They solve nothing though. And those who don’t solve problems end up in a world of pain when it comes to money.

Dr Julie Gurner is right…the gurus who preach the evils of hustle culture should also mention the perils of the guaranteed poverty that comes with it.

Money on the mind all the time

Poverty leaves you perpetually skating on thin ice, living from paycheck to paycheck — Jack Raines

Money can seem evil.

Like it’s distraction or evil capitalism at play. The problem is without money you’re broke. That means money is on your mind all the time. It’s a form of mental illness. It dominates your behavior and can ruin your life.

Entrepreneur Lawrence Kings says the wealthiest people he’s ever met had times in their lives when they were flat broke and could stay there. The difference was they knew that being broke was only temporary.

Poverty is the real devil.

That’s a mindset that leads to permanently being broke. And that’s what the hustle culture haters lead us to whether they realize it or not.

There’s no shame in being broke. I’ve been there many times. The lesson is to get off broke as fast as possible. Hard work is one of the only ways.

Author and friend Dan Koe says broke people are okay with being broke … until something frightening happens. Until their life blows up.

People in that broke state are more likely to attract chaos.

Their car blows up because it’s old and unmaintained.
Someone breaks into their house in a bad neighborhood.
Their parents get sick and they can’t help because of their low income.

Dan says at this point they have some motivation to change but they realize it’s too late. They should’ve prepared earlier.

This places them into a doom loop where they think “Ahhhh I should’ve started sooner, I should’ve started sooner.” That leads back to the realization it’s too late.

The good news is the chaos ends. There’s a trail of devastation left behind, but they survive. So they become a surviver. Stress returns to normal. So they get sucked back into being comfortable again, and avoiding hard work, therefore believing the fake hustle culture gods.

Without realizing it, they’re just waiting for the next catastrophe to blow up their life again. And it will because they attract it.

This is the cycle of what it truly means to be broke and no one talks about it. Unless you’ve lived it like I have, it’s hard to explain.

6 and 7-figure earners can be broke too

Hold up, what?

Yep. I know lots of broke people driving Mercedes Benzes. You’d never know it but their expenses are higher than their income. They have less money than an Uber driver on $20K a year.

They work hard and embrace the hustle, but they spend everything they make to look good for people who don’t give a sh*t about them.

So they suffer in poverty as a result.

The solution is to downsize your lifestyle, stop trying to impress people, change your behavior, and adopt a wealthy mindset.

The harshest words about poverty you’ll ever hear

This advice comes with a warning. It’s guaranteed to offend.

The first lesson to get out of poverty is just two words: “my fault” — Alex Hormozi

Tell me you’ve read something harsher…I’ll wait.

Exactly, you haven’t. This bitter pill to swallow leaves me with chills down my spine. He’s saying poverty is the result of a lack of responsibility. It’s hard to argue with him.

Each of us can change. Perhaps the only people who should be excluded from this lesson are those who are clinically ill or battling cancer.

Still, it’s a helpful lesson. We’re responsible for everything.

That might sound harsh. It might piss you off. But it’s a massive opportunity. You can let it hold you back or realize that if you are in control of everything — including money — then you have the power to change it.

How to become poor and stay poor

Alex the gym buff Hormozi kicked me in the balls again.

How to stay poor: Start tomorrow

It’s such a simple truth. It’s almost too simple to take seriously — but it’s true on every level. Those who fail in life and struggle with money keep telling themselves these lies:

  • “I’ll start when I’m ready”
  • “I’ll start when I have more money”
  • “I’ll start when I finish this course”
  • “I’ll start when my schedule frees up”
  • “I’ll start when my family is older”
  • “I’ll start in the new year”

The subtle difference between people who understand hard work and make some money is they start TODAY.

They don’t build the rocket ship today and send it to Mars, but they do take the first tiny action today which leads to the next one.

What if I told you there isn’t a tomorrow?

That tomorrow you’ll do the exact same thing that you did today because humans are programmable and predictable and will avoid anything to stay the hell away from change, discomfort, or uncertainty.

That’s what you’re fighting against, and the hustle culture haters don’t want you to know it. Let’s go even deeper. What if I told you that you could be dead tomorrow from a random cancer?

Would you still want to start tomorrow? I doubt it.

Tomorrow is a fantasy land where everything good in life lives to eventually die out and fade to nothing. Yesterday you said you’d start tomorrow and that’s 99% of the problem.

Stop with tomorrows.

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