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How to Rewire Your Brain and Become an Idea Machine…for Life

Obviously, this whole replay is worth watching, but here are a few timestamps for your easy skimming: 

  • 5:29 — How many people are UNHAPPY with their level of consistency (this percentage was 3 times higher than I thought it would be) 
  • 8:34 — The 7 high-powered people I got to meet… just by generating and sharing ideas daily 
  • 14:06 — The critical mistake beginner creators should NEVER make when coming up with new ideas. 
  • 19:39 — A single idea-centered element that blog posts, corporations, and first dates all share. 
  • 32:20 — My “remix strategy” that I borrowed from DJ-ing local parties back in the day. 
  • 34:01 — Why I hate journaling (and what I do instead) 

For those of you who couldn’t attend live…

…I highly recommend checking out the exercise we do starting at 38:48. 

The 60 seconds it takes will banish all doubt from that little idea-maker between your ears. 

And there’s one more thing…

As many of you know, I’m a data freak. 

Over 1,300 students have enrolled in Bad Assery Academy over the last 21 months. 

And based on what I’m seeing in the data…

…nearly every single one of you is going to NEED what I’m about to open up.

It’s called The Write 4/28 Challenge.

You’ll go through 4 weeks of daily online publishing – with me as your personal accountability partner. During the challenge, you’ll find your focus, get consistent, and make real relationships with other writers. 

There’s a catch, though…

Due to the personalized nature of the challenge, I can only allow 100 people to enroll. 

I’ve only briefly mentioned the challenge two times in the last 48 hours…

And 12 seats have already been claimed.

(This is without whispering a word to the full 101,000-person email list).

It’s clear this challenge will sell out. The only question is – how fast?

Figured I would give you a fair warning, and a fair chance to get a seat while you can.

You can grab your seat by clicking here.

Cheers from Aussie-land,