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If You Only Read Eight Twitter Threads in 2022, Read These

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Life Hacks

Written articles aren’t as sexy anymore.

The problem is they take too much of our precious time.

Many articles are huge walls of text and take forever to get to the point. The editing is often terrible. The language is complex and can’t be read by those who don’t natively speak English.

The trend taking the internet by storm is microblogs. The best example is Twitter Threads.

They are a series of tweets, each limited to 280 characters. In the thread game you can’t waffle on the way grandpa Abe Simpson does in the tv show The Simpsons. The challenge is to get to the point.

I’ve learned many high-income skills from Twitter Threads. These are the nine you absolutely must read.

The wisdom of tiny 6-year-olds

(Read the thread here.)

Kids are smart because they haven’t had their imagination or creativity stolen by society yet. Their unfiltered thoughts cut through the niceties and BS.

Spotting good people is crucial. Your judge of character will make or break your life. If you’re surrounded by liars you’ll become one.

Conversely, if you’re surrounded by truth-tellers you become fiercely honest and regularly access hidden opportunities.

Best tweet in the thread:

“I work better when nobody asks me to work” — Tyler age 7

The funny story about death

(Read the thread here.)

Storytelling is a dying art form online. This Twitter Thread will give you hope that good stories still exist.

Twitter Threads rarely have personal stories like this. They’re normally non-fiction-type threads. Telling a personal story in this format is a huge challenge.

What’s great about this one is it’s full of twists and turns. There are even cliffhangers. You can’t read this story and not fall down the rabbit hole. You also can’t read it and not feel inspired to change how you live life.

Best tweet in the thread:

His wife didn’t leave him flowers BECAUSE HE’D MURDERED HER. ON CHRISTMAS DAY.

The harsh truth about making money online

(Read the thread here.)

Dakota Robertson Twitter Thread

This subject is full of so much cryptic advice. Dakota cuts the crap and manages to do so with a series of single sentences.

Making money online is full of mental roadblocks that keep normies trapped in cubicle jobs for years that they don’t need to work.

When you understand how simple the game is, it becomes possible. What becomes possible is actionable. And what you take action on can change your life.

Learn money psychology to be successful at the online game of money.

Best tweet in the thread:

Whatever business you’re in, study psychology, cognitive bias, and body language.

A question to freeze time

(Read the thread here.)

Khe Hy Twitter Thread

No one wants to talk about death, let alone get reminded theirs is coming. Khe Hy masterfully uses the question “how old will your kids be if you die at 85?” to distract from what he’s about to do.

It starts with a few tweets about money to soften up our minds. Then he hits us with the big one: What the heck are you working so hard for?

These tweets are designed to make us remember we all die. So stop chasing dumb stuff and playing money games.

Too many people act as if they’re going to live twice.

Best tweet in the thread:

If I gave my 90 year old grandma $10,000 there’s nothing she could do with it. As you get older, your ability to “buy experiences” goes to zero.

Life math can change your mind

(Read the thread here.)

Writer Tim Urban created a trend. He drew illustrations that remind us how many books we have to read in a lifetime. Or how much time we’ll get to spend with our parents after childhood. Or how long our life is when measured in weeks.

When you do life math it affects your decision-making. You make better choices. Anonymous Twitter user Crypto Punk 6529 (the future of social media identity) did a few calculations.

He worked out that 99% of the time he will ever spend with his best friends is used up. So when they’re in town his mindset is different.

He took the life math and turned it into a mental framework. This is a powerful decision-making tool everyone should use. Read this next bit to see the power…

Best tweet in the thread:

New mental framework is: “tonight is one of your last 30 times you can see one of your best friends in your life.”

Do Epic Sh*t

(Read the thread here.)

Do Epic Sh*t

Ankur Warikoo is the author of one of the best books ever written: “Do Epic Sh*t.” This Twitter Thread got written on his birthday.

For some reason we spit the best wisdom on our birthdays. I recommend you ensure you write down lessons you’ve learned from life every year. Share them if you’re brave enough.

Best tweet in the thread:

If you are comfortable dancing in public without alcohol or drugs, you are at peace with who you are.

You’ve got a job in sales whether you know it or not

(Read the thread here.)

I love it when I hear people online say “that’s a pyramid scheme” or you’re “going to get sold to.” They live life as if no one has ever sold them anything. Their skepticism makes them see everything as a scam.

True be told they can’t sell anything to save their life. They’re deeply afraid.

We’re born salespeople. You sell right out of the womb. Selling is just persuasion. And even if you hate sales and selling stuff for money, you still have to convince people to buy into your ideas. Otherwise, you get left out in the cold with zero opportunities offered to you.

David Morris helps us understand the basics of persuasion, so we can understand how to get humans to do hard stuff they don’t want to do while achieving our life goals.

Best tweet in the thread:

People are buying your ears not your mouth. Instead of talking, listen. Show how smart you are by shutting up.

The guy *not* telling you to quit your job

(Read the thread here.)

Austin Belcak Career Advice

Many people will tell you to quit your job. “It’s a scam they say.” Austin Belcak is different. He’s a friend of mine and has done a great job infecting my brain with his career advice.

The key philosophy you can learn from him is that what you negotiate in your career is what you get — not what you deserve. He spends a lot of time telling people to switch jobs more often to unlock hidden pay rises.

But he doesn’t tell you to do it half-pregnant.

Austin believes we must go to job interviews prepared with a portfolio of work that provides proof of work.

We must lower the anxiety for a decision-maker by not making them gamble, but rather, selecting the obvious candidate using the data we provide.

Austin learned all this by going on a journey of rejection. By being prepared to get lots of noes, he eventually got some incredible (and unfair) yeses. Now he teaches us his methods. This thread is pure gold.

Best tweet in the thread:

Companies don’t hire the most qualified candidate. They hire the person they believe will deliver the most value. Be that person.

Final Thoughts

Read Twitter Threads to become a learning machine. Write Twitter Threads to upgrade your life.

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