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Your Path to 100,000 LinkedIn Views (Part 1)

The 1% of Actions on LinkedIn That Gets You 99% of The Results

Here are the highlights from the video

Make sure to watch the video for all the details. If you’re in a rush, here are a few of the key topics we talk about.


Native or Nothing

When it comes to building a following on LinkedIn, the key is native content

In order to do well on LinkedIn, you must master the concept of native content. Most people try to copy and past content from other platforms, but if you don’t know how to repurpose it properly, you’re going to struggle.

External links don’t work because they look like advertisements. They don’t look native.

Some of this is getting into the “LinkedIn Language,” which we’ll talk about in the next video, but most of it is using the best feature on LinkedIn.


The Best Feature on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has plenty of ways to post content

  • LinkedIn stories (mobile only)
  • LinkedIn video uploads
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Pictures with text
  • Slideshows known as the document feature
  • Long-form articles
  • LinkedIn blog posts

Sadly, none of these features work well at all. Blog posts specifically are completely broken.

(Cue the violin to represent your shattered heart).

The good news is that LinkedIn’s best feature is STILL writing… it’s just less writing. Your best choice on LinkedIn is to stick with text only updates in the newsfeed. You have a 1,300 character limit.

This is great news. It means you can go viral with only a few minutes of writing per day.


Writing is all that matters

Surveys have shown that people prefer text-only posts on LinkedIn. Stick with text because of how much time the other stuff takes… and you’ll do it badly… and it won’t work.