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Things You Absolutely Don’t Need to Make 6 Figures Online

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Making Money Online, Money

Making money online sounds like it needs an MBA.

The truth is it doesn’t. Many of you are missing out on the opportunity because you’ve overcomplicated what should be simple.

A dumb-dumb like me created a 7 figure online business from nothing. You can too when you dumb it down to 5th grader level.

Here’s what you DON’T need to make 6 figures online.

A business plan

Most people who plan to make money online, plan to fail.

They apply corporate strategy to something that needs toddler-style creativity and imagination. Once you take away the fun of making money online, all you’re left with is a dead rainbow unicorn who suffocated.

Most people’s paths online are unpredictable. A better compass is to follow your obsession, to do what is effortless.

Through self-exploration you’ll find your personal freedom online. Adopt the mindset of small bets and continuous experiments.

Do more of what works and murder the ideas that don’t. Simple.

Cryptocurrency/NFTs/AI — or any other buzzword trend

“AI is gonna kill writing, bro.”

I get some stupid version via email of this every day. Nothing is gonna kill nothing. AI and other buzzword trends are amplifiers of human creativity.

The biggest mistake I see is people chase these new trends like a dog chases a shank bone you throw 50 yards and tell it to fetch.

Stay clear of the buzz. Most of these trends die or morph into something new. Look at Clubhouse. Nobody uses it anymore. The same may happen with Instaglam’s “Threads.”

Only unintelligent people follow trends.

Smart people online follow their curiosity, imagination, creativity, and obsession towards something they give a damn about.

A recording studio / film set

Damn, this one makes me madder than Van Damme in a fight.

Video has taken off over the years. Everyone wants to be a Youtuber or a TikToker, and they think they need a Mr Beast Filmset or Tim Ferriss podcast studio to produce content.

Ya don’t.

The more polished your online content looks the less likely people will consume it. Why? “Perfect” looks like an ad. Perfect isn’t relatable. Let Hollywood use all the fancy tools. And…

Use your smartphone for 99% of content creation.

A WeWork co-working office

Newsflash: the world has changed. Just work from home.

It’s free. Nice. And it’s easy. You don’t need to waste time on commutes and you can sit around in your g-string like I do.

A well-designed website blessed by an angel

Websites are one of the biggest wanks.

I didn’t have one for years because I was too dumb to get one created. When was the last time you got h*rny over a website?

Probably not for 5+ years. Why? Websites have been aggregated inside of social media apps. These apps make discoverability easier than being stuck in a sea of websites and needing an SEO life raft that costs $10,000 a month to fund a search and rescue.

You can build a website later if you want. But it’s not needed to start. In fact, it’s more of a distraction than an enabler of cashola.

An LLC to make the government smile

When you haven’t reached any sort of critical mass online an LLC company becomes a waste of time and money.

Build an audience. Post to your audience. Get some money flowing. Then you can worry about the most tax-efficient way to get paid and buy your diamond-colored Lambo.

It’s often better to use a marketplace like Gumroad, in the beginning, to take away all the headaches. Then when sales explode, optimize for cost and build your own digital ecosystem.

Startup capital

“I spent $105k to start the business.”

That’s what a friend of mine did. Dumbass. I deleted his phone number after I heard (joking not joking).

Stop spending money and start making money.

The hardest part is finding the people to sell to. That’s what social media is for. Use your time to do that first, then worry about hiring consultants and throwing cash at 101 domain names.

A logo

My online business is 9 years old.

We got a logo for the first time 3 months ago. LOL. You don’t need a logo. No. You need to build an email list or community.

We get distracted by logos because it’s easier waste time on one than it is to do the hard work of building a tiny online empire.

Venture capital vultures

Most of these firms just want to do nothing and take a huge chunk of what you build for a glorified bank loan. Don’t do it.

Do what I do and keep 100% of your online empire.

Community-funded online businesses are the future. If you want to access more capital then consider this approach. Or use crowdfunding.


Just stop.

The 9–5 mindset runs deep. Undo the brainwashing. Dare to go back to simple and reject any fraudster guru who tries to make online business complicated so they can profit from you.


You’re not Coca-Cola. You’re a nobody like me.

***Does Borat voice*** “Hi-five!”

All you need to make 6 figures online are these things

Repetition is key so let’s summarize and end here.

To succeed you need:

  • An online audience
  • An email list
  • The right mindset
  • The discipline to choose hard over easy

That’s it. Don’t stuff it up. Don’t let the corporate mind virus distract you and cause unconscious procrastination — aka listening to podcasts, reading books, and getting high off guru advice. Not nice.

Good luck on your journey. Keep it simple, stupid.

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