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The Hardest Pills to Swallow with Making Money Online

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Making Money Online, Money

“Life isn’t fair.”

I hear you. The question is, what the freaking hell are you gonna do about it? The world doesn’t care if you think your life is fair. No one is coming to save you, and no politician is swooping in with a relief package either.

It’s you against the world. Show up or shut up.

I’m in love with the internet because it’s the great equalizer.

Nobodies can become somebodies. Art that would never see the light of day can get seen. And people with quirky ideas can release them into the world and create amazing idea sex.

The internet can help you make money. The trouble is it’s a giant mess if you don’t understand the blueprint. Let me help ya’ll as someone who has done it and dedicated their life to helping others do it.

These are the hard pills you’ve got to swallow.

Monkeys can do it

The factory worker handbook values intelligence, memorization, permission slips and collecting 6-figure pieces of paper that won’t even get you a job interview nowadays.

Making money online can be done by monkeys. Read that again.

Intelligence gets you nowhere in the online world. In fact, people who try to look smart online accidentally wear a heavy fart spray deodorant that makes everyone in their path run for their lives.

What matters online is execution. The internet changes so fast that if you’re not in the trenches doing it every day, you get left behind.

You end up becoming one of those geniuses in the corporate marketing department that still throws millions at Google Adwords when everyone has moved on to Apple Ads. Or TikTok … god help us.

Think like a monkey. Monkey see, monkey just do.

You have to be willing to look like dumbass

Do you know how much dumb stuff I’ve said online? A lot.

I’m embarrassed of who I was a year ago. I wish I could forget who I was 5 years. The 4 am morning routine mixed with a cold shower was hilarious.

The thing about the internet is the ones who are willing to look like dumbasses grow the most. They don’t sit there and think “how will this make me look?” They don’t give a damn.

One life. One shot. One first and last name.

May as well make it count, because if you look at it realistically, you’ve got nothing to lose — and a heck of a lot to gain.

You can’t try once and throw a tantrum like an adult baby

I’ve tried to help many people over the years master the online game.

Sadly, many of them don’t make it. They try a few things for a couple of months and then get frustrated.

Why isn’t it working? they scream.

I click on their work and it becomes painfully obvious. They didn’t read the room. They paid zero attention to what others were doing.

They picked some random-ass niche category that has a total of 5 people globally who want to stroke their ego and buy their tortoise grooming products.

Some will only try once. They’ll literally take one action — like create a product — then release it into the world and cry when everyone doesn’t give them a standing ovation for their discombobulated idea.

Formula for online success = create 100 times, succeed 1 time.

You can’t be so damn skeptical

Making money online does sound like a bunch of hyperbole BS.

I’ll agree with you on that one. So what? It’s not. Plenty of people do it. Even people you know do it. Why not you?

Answer: skepticism.

It’s easier to think none of this stuff works. Affiliate marketing? Nonsense. Instaglam? Full of useless influencers. PayPal? Their fees should land them in jail. LinkedIn? Cringeworthy. WordPress website? Ohhh please … so damn old … it’s not 2001 anymore.

Yet here we are.

Normies with below-average intelligence figure it out and make money from all of these platforms. It’s not intelligence that does it. It’s a gorgeous as hell open mind that’s willing to imagine new opportunities.

Skepticism is a virus. See a doctor or get the jab of life from someone who’s figured this stuff out. It ain’t hard.

You have to be focused on others (not yourself)

I see a lot of good people fail at making money online. Some of them go to church and pay all their taxes like good little citizens.

Yet they fail.

One of the key reasons is because they’re in it for themselves. Everything is about them and their precious little dream that makes them cream their pants.

Let me be blunt: making money online isn’t about YOU.

It’s what you can do for others. That’s what makes the real money. Stop thinking about yourself and your goals, and start thinking about random strangers. What are their thoughts, feeling, and problems?

Understand those things, and you’ll unlock unlimited amounts of wealth even Warren Buffet would be jealous of.

You’ve got to have cancer patient patience

Cancer is a humbling disease.

Once you meet someone who has had cancer you’re never the same again. One of my former colleagues got cancer. She had a different outlook on life. She had patience because all of the chemo turned her into a fighter.

She had to get comfortable with uncertainty, and the fact she could die. She didn’t want easy. She fell in love with hard.

Every goal in her life became like a mini cancer battle. This mindset caused her to hold on for way longer than her competition. She reached enormous highs. She became an inspiration. I call her an angel. Well, not anymore.

Cancer took her too soon.

But some days I feel as if she’s showing up occasionally in dreams to remind me of her patience.

Be patient or don’t even bother. Nothing good on the internet happens in months. It takes years. 5 years is a good average to aim for.

Complaining and blaming gets you nowhere

Nobody gives a crap if it’s not working for you.

All the energy wasted with pessimism and toxic comments about XYZ platform, app, or business model that cheated you is best reallocated to the simple act of showing up and doing your best.

Content is the sexy little foundation

The best in the world who make money online do it with a foundation of content. I don’t know anybody who’s succeeded online without video, audio, writing, or images.

Content is the magnet that attracts a community. That community is who will gladly pay your electricity bill when you’ve earned their trust.

The easiest way to produce content is by writing.

It’s a skill you already have. And if you write emails or already send text messages on a phone then you’re overqualified. So sit down to write every day. See what comes out of your brain and bleeds onto the page.

Dare to send those words into cyberspace and see what they bring back to your life.

Final Thought

Making money online is hard at the start.

So is every worthwhile goal in life. But it gets easier once you’ve made your first $20. The idea is to start small and get paid once.

Making money online is a noble cause because it can eventually change the type of work you do for the rest of your life. That’ll give you autonomy, control, a better quality of life, and more time with your family.

That’s the motivation for swallowing these hard pills, feeling the fear, and getting started regardless. Do it.

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