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Money Behaviors to Make You (Stupidly) Time Wealthy

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Money

Don’t act like a drunk around money.

It’s bad for your financial future. Many of us have terrible behavior around money. We get it. We spend it too quick. We don’t understand its role.

Money buys you time.

With time you can do and be anything you want. I call it the life of a time billionaire. Others call it time wealthy. What evs.

Act like this.

Don’t eat the rich for breakfast

It’s so lame to cry about billionaires all day.

Love them. Hate them. Who gives a f*ck. Jeff Bezos doesn’t care about what you think of him. Elon Musk isn’t listening.

He never listens.

Being envious or screaming about billionaires doesn’t make you money. It steals your time and makes you act like a bum.

Make the money by doing the work

The worst thing a human can do is give a child a trust fund. It’s a death wish followed by a future drug overdose. They don’t learn to value money.

I’ve seen it in crypto. People made easy money and they got lazy. They couldn’t see the value of $100K or a million dollars.

They lost all sense of reality.

When that happens it’s not hard to behave like a jerk. Don’t do it. Behave like a hard worker. Do the work. Dedicate yourself. When you do make some money it’ll feel ten times better.

You’ll feel like a god. Nice.

Find these sexy ones and kiss em

Pessimists sound smart, optimists get rich — Sahil Bloom

Pessimists are rodents. They kill financial opportunities with their mind.

They see closed doors. Optimists are the sexy ones. Hang around them. Learn how they think. See doors as likely to be open. If the door slams shut then learn how to kick it down.

Behaving like an optimist helps you see uncommon opportunities. I see it with Youtube and Twitter all the time.

“Those platforms are dead.”

Meanwhile, not-so-smart people I know use them to make thousands of dollars every month. An opportunity is only dead if you behave like a pessimist. If you act like an optimist then everything is an opportunity.

Opportunities create money if you chase them.

Be a sexy optimist.

Admittedly, I was a dirty pessimist for most of my life. The transition happens when you start hanging around optimists. Everything gets better. Their mindset rubs off on you.

Before you know it people are howling at your sexy ideas. Nice.

Adopt this badass mindset

To monetize effectively, you focus on growing your “cash cow” with 80% of your time and explore new income sources with the remaining 20% — Julia Bloom

Behave like Einstein. See life as a series of experiments.

Julia is right. 20% of your productive work time should get spent discovering new income sources. Right now I’m playing with affiliate marketing.

I have no freaking clue. But I’m learning as I go. My Amazon dashboard says I’m at $2. I’ll take it. Thanks Mr Bezos!

Stack income sources to diversify your financial future.

Tiny money is still damn fine money.

What new income sources show you are potential. Unlock it.

Behave like this isn’t a healthy future and MUST change

Most of us work until 65 before we retire to start living.

We have to behave like this is a terrible idea. Something has to change. There are other ways. Most of us start in a job. That’s fine.

But becoming time wealthy means you must have a goal to eventually go down this path, according to financial expert Steve Burns:

No boss

No dress code

No alarm wake up

No commute to work

No corporate meetings

Write your own schedule

Not stuck in one location

Days off whenever you want

Uncapped potential earnings

Now that’s a healthy future. It’s possible.

The models of work are already changing. One employer, one source of income, one boss, one office — all suddenly look like they’re up for debate.

Autonomy will be hardcoded into the third version of the internet.

Image Credit: Ash Lamb via Twitter

Build this type of income after hours

Act like active income isn’t scalable … because it isn’t.

Active income is glorified as the holy grail. Jesus apparently loved it too. It’s why executives work themselves into the ground for it.

Instead, find ways to build passive income.

I behave in a way where I go “how can I make money that makes money while I’m getting drunk on Tony Robbins videos?” I still have a long way to go but the mental shift has happened.

Yesterday I made $1000 in passive income from some Ethereum I have locked away. Not bad for doing bugger all.

Bottom line: behave like passive income is the secret of the universe. It is.

The ladder climber behavior to adopt

I was a corporate ladder climber working in a bank.

I noticed an interesting behavior with the bankers I admired. When they didn’t get a raise they would reduce their expenses to give themselves one.

When they got paid their salaries they would invest some of their money to give themselves a future promotion.

These two behaviors lead to the time wealthy life. Don’t wait for your pain-in-the-ass boss to gift you a promotion or raise. Give yourself one.

Aim to work in your underwear

After I quit my job I went from a stupid penguin suit to jeans and a hoodie.

Then I transitioned to sweat pants and a Nike t-shirt. Next came the boxers and singlet phase.

Like a stripper, the clothes kept coming off.

I then began to wear jocks and a singlet while I worked. My wife and I joke that’ll be down to jocks only shortly — and hopefully not full nudity, for the sake of the neighbors.

Wearing what you want makes you comfortable. This is where you behave in a way that creates your best work.

Be comfortable while you earn money. It rubs off in the way you act.

A relaxed person behaves better under pressure, so the chance of making more money increases.

Underwear life is the best life.

Normalize your income going down

When your income goes down it’s easy to behave badly and panic. Don’t.

If your income goes down but your lifestyle improves, then you’ve got closer to being time wealthy.

Create a life where lifestyle is worth more than money. That’s the real rich life.

Behave like those in the cemetery wish they did

Most people spend their entire lives for money they never see — Drew Carr

Most people go to the grave with money still in their bank account. That means they’ve likely worked for money more than they needed to.

What’s the point of making money you’ll never see?

That’s why you want to behave like time matters more than money because it does. Those in the cemetery wished they lived more, not worked more.

Ask the dying. Ask your grandparents. They’ll tell ya.

The stupidly wealthy have a lot of time.

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