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My Shameless New Life Rules for 2022

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Life Hacks

The last two years have been some of the toughest in history.

The global health crisis is far from over. What comes next is the financial fallouts from all of the devastation — that’s what is missed.

With that backdrop in mind, it pays to set rules for the new year. I’m changing things up a lot. Perhaps you can borrow one of these ideas.

Have teenage fun

I’m way too freaking serious. I write like I’m Superman saving the world, and I know it. Business is fine. Writing is fine. Social media is fine.

When you become too driven, though, you lose the plot.

In 2022 I’m going back to my teenage years. I’ve booked tickets to an electronic dance music festival called “Ultra.” I want to revisit my musical roots. I want to teleport back to behind the turntables. I want to experience the euphoria of a beat drop on a sound system that can go louder than a Jumbo Jet (I’ll be wearing earplugs of course).

The in-laws are on their way over too. They can’t speak English. They’ve both had severe health problems lately. I want to show them a good time without alcohol. This will be the first time they see their daughter married to a strange Australian man from the outback.

Life is too short to be serious. Your business, career, and investments could get wiped out tomorrow. Then what do you have to show for yourself? Nothing.

Through change comes discomfort. Through discomfort comes new forms of growth.

Write on Substack

Writing isn’t going away for me. In 2022 I plan to do more on Substack.

They have a cool podcast feature. The readers are completely different, and they’re happy to pay individual writers directly for content. There’s a lot of opportunities yet to be explored. Their Web 3.0 strategy is interesting too.

Write anywhere you like, to experience a new form of self-expression. It leads to a type of freedom I can’t describe. You must experience it.

Explore new countries

Two years stuck in Australia has been a welcome change. But I miss travel.

I want to go and visit new cultures so I’m less susceptible to the quiet racism that exists in all pockets of society.

It would be fun to do a trip to a new country and take zero photos. What if you could only remember the places you’ve been with your memory? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself.

Photography and posing for dumb photos is such a distraction — not to mention the not-so-smart phone that shifts our focus from the new place we’re visiting, to a Silicon Valley company’s business model.

Our minds need to be immersed in new cultures so we can focus more on the fact we’re humans, and less on the fact we’re members of separate races.

Race divides. Humanity includes. Travel reveals the difference.

Buy more Ethereum

My research suggests 2022 will be the year for Ethereum. Version 2.0 of the second-largest blockchain in the world will be released in approximately March. It’s an exciting time.

I intend on investing more of my money in the asset over time, as the network continues to grow faster than the internet did in the 90s and early 2000s.

2022 is the year to rethink blockchain technology and the potential it can unlock. The proof of concept phase is over. It’s now mainstream. Research it.

Be slightly more vulnerable

There’s a lot of BS online. Vulnerability is the differentiator.

The problem is I suck at it.

Whenever I say what I really think or feel, it scares the pants off me.

Admitting I stuffed up or got something wrong takes every ounce of my energy. Storytellers like James Altucher can do it at the drop of a hat. Us mortals can’t. I’ve read a lot on the subject and practice can help.

Despite the butterflies you get in your stomach, practice being more vulnerable in 2022. See where it takes you.

Spend more time with my partner

2022 is my first official year as a married man. I have no idea what sort of husband I will be. I’ve read a bunch of books on the topic, such as The Five Love Languages, to try and prepare for it.

Lately, I haven’t spent enough time with my partner.

I’ve spent too much time in front of a computer while she waits for me to come out of my bat cave. Not in 2022. One thing we’re going to do more of is hikes. She loves them more than gelato.

I often shut the idea of hikes down because I’m terrified of snakes. If you hike in Australia during the summer, you’re likely to stumble across these slithering bloodsuckers. They look scarier than a devil in a clown suit. Some of these silent killers can shed their skin and leave it on the walking trail so you feel their presence.

Despite my fear, no friends of mine have ever been harmed. I suspect my fear is over-compensating for the near-death experience I had with a tiger snake.

Fear kept us locked away in our homes (rightfully) for far too long. It’s time to consider that our fear levels may be artificially heightened.

Do stuff that scares you again in 2022.

Quietly inspire people

There’s been far too much negativity over the last two years. The headlines have been dreadful. Online writers have used CNN tactics to scare the crap out of readers to get clicks.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be woo-woo or self-help-y. It can simply be trying to see the world slightly better than it is and finding ways to teach, inspire, entertain, or make exhausted humans laugh again.

My aim in 2022 is to tone it down. There are times where I feel I’m too loud.

Quiet inspiration is better than loud egos that aim to show off. Sometimes I fall into that category as much as I try not to.

What can you do in 2022 to collectively lift our spirits up again and make us believe in hope? Do that. Make it a rule.

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