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Why Not Quit Your Job in 2023 (And Access Personal Freedom)

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Financial Freedom, Money

Not everyone should quit their job.

But many of you reading this definitely could. And you’d feel ten times better and access a level of personal freedom you haven’t experienced since childhood.

Here are 12 reasons to do it now.

You can make a lot more money

Salaries place a limiting valve on your financial future.

Whatever you earn right now probably sounds great. But when you use those same skills outside of a job you make more. Why?

Because corporations and institutions need to make money. So they take your precious time and sell it to their customers for a large profit. You get a tiny slither of the money they make.

It’s not big brother or some conspiracy theory. It’s just capitalism.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to say no then choose yourself. When you do, the take-home pay is a lot more. All the profit goes to you. It’s not easy to start with, obviously.

It’s 100% possible though. Why not you?

It’s never been easier

In my parents’ era, admittedly, it was hard.

Now there’s zero excuse. The internet made it bloody easy. Billions of people are now at your fingertips (and growing). The Second Coming aka artificial intelligence will make the opportunity even bigger.

Instead of needing employees, AI will be able to do many of the things humans can do. You can have a robot army and be the General.

Just kidding.

Seriously, though, the internet makes quitting your job easier. All you have to do is find a way to make money. That comes with experimentation.

Sell your same skills to multiple different employers

Think of an employer as a customer.

Why would you only sell your skills to one customer? Why not have multiple? Well, you can. Your skills apply to multiple customers and they can all pay you at the same time.

Now that’s not the whole strategy, it’s more of a mindset shift. Because to quit your job in 2023 and crush it, most of all, you need the right mindset. The techniques and strategies are a piece of piss. You can google that.

Learn skills once, sell twice (or more).

We now know employers don’t give a stuff about us

How do we know?

The recent layoffs proved it. March 2020 proved it. I ain’t mad at it. If they don’t care about us then we don’t care about them. Simple. Look after yourself. You do you.

With less emotion tied to an employer we can finally focus on what matters and stop pretending “we are family” and company loyalty are real. It’s not. It’s fake. Revenue goes down, jobs gotta go.

Employees are lines in spreadsheets.

All it takes is one innocent employee who doesn’t know you to cross your name out and throw your career in the bin.

Without being tied to a job this problem goes away. You build the resilience and survival instincts to survive on your own in the big, bad world. And honestly, more people need to do that.

Too many people are attached to their boss’s nipples as if they are their mommies full of milk.

Leave the nest. Grow some wings. Learn to fly. Be free.

A lack of purpose and creativity can only get you so far

A lot of jobs are soul-crushing.

They have no creativity involved. All you do is move widget A to location B. Or sit in some meetings. Or send a few 5th-grader emails.

This leads to a lack of purpose. Without purpose, motivation falls off a cliff and you have those Monday morning poos that give you the blues.

I spent much of my life in banking feeling lifeless. There was no meaning to it. All I did was help people get into a mountain of debt with a big fake smile. It was hard to live with myself.

As soon as I did my own thing my creativity went through the roof.

Having no job is harder

Wait, what?

Yep, not having a job is a lot harder. Successful people choose “hard.” They don’t want things to be easy because that’s not meaningful or fulfilling. The way you overcome the harder path is with resourcefulness.

Most people are problem creators, not problem solvers.

You want to be the latter. You want to know that with internet access to billions of people there’s 100% a way to make a load of cash online.

Resourcefulness looks like:

  • Self-education through courses
  • Sending DMs to smart people
  • Asking for help
  • Joining badass private communities
  • Testing ideas before launching
  • Using no-code tools

Get resourceful and you won’t need a lonely job anymore.

Risks pay off

Tell me a time you took a risk and regretted it.

Probably never. When I was a kid I came face-to-face with an Aussie tiger snake. I hate them and they scare me. But it was a great experience and a story I love to tell because I survived it.

That’s what risks feel like afterward. You’re proud of yourself.

The modern job lacks leverage

Leverage is a simple concept.

When you build something that has leverage the same effort over time starts to create compounding results. Many jobs miss this feature. You have to keep showing up to the office and giving away more of your time to keep the money coming in.

In many jobs, it’s even more difficult.

Over time you have to work harder to access the same paycheck. When you quit working jobs and build online you have access to digital leverage.

The same amount of effort lets you reach more people. The same amount of effort starts as a small amount of money that constantly grows because there are billions of people on the other side of your business goal.

If you layer in some basic investing into financial assets, you get even more leverage (not financial advice). Understand leverage, and you’ll want to submit your resignation email tomorrow. Trust me.

The flexibility will make your family happy

I don’t work the same 9–5 hours every day.

Some days my kid is sick and we’ve got to go to the doctor in the middle of the workday. Other days my wife needs me to pick up groceries or look at a house we want to buy.

At a job I had to say no, sorry honey. Now that I have quit working jobs I can say yes to my family and work around them.

Autonomy is one of the greatest feelings in the world … and most jobs have zero.

You don’t want to die having never tried it

I’m not an idiot.

I realize this path of no job might blow up in your face. Here’s the uncommon truth:

You can always get another job.

So if the worst-case scenario isn’t bad at all then why not try? I knew if I never got rid of my dumb job then I’d always spend the rest of my life wondering “what if?”

What-ifs are a pain in the butt. They create regrets. Regrets ruin potential.

Have a crack at the no-job live and experience personal freedom. If you’re too scared then at least try it part-time as an after hours side hustle.

Just don’t keep aimlessly wondering.

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