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Thirteen Behaviors That Can Make 2022 Your Year of Incredible Growth

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Life Hacks

Behaviors drive your monkey mind to get results.

If 2021 sucked then 2022 is the year to make a turnaround. These uncommon behaviors you can’t find in instagram quotes will light your life up.

2022 Warning: “If you resist change, you resist life.”

Make regret the ultimate pain

I’ve learned to have a no regret life. It hasn’t been easy because fear has created a roadblock to my dreams for a long time. But it’s worth every bit of effort. I make decisions based on will this cause regrets one day?

Forget about having regrets.

Chase a zero regret life.

Don’t ghost like a turd burger

Society has a created a bunch of ghosters. Ghosting is a sign of immaturity.

Try this in 2022…

Face people and tell them how they upset you like the good ol’ days.

Forgive the unforgivable

As a punk kid my dad used to leave me to get parented by the tv after school.

The show always on at 4 pm was “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” I didn’t love the show at first, but it was the only thing on free tv (we didn’t have pay-tv).

Recently, Will Smith got the cast back together again for a reunion. I thought it would be another one of those cheesy reunions like “Friends.” Halfway through, Will throws a spanner into the reunion show format.

One of the main characters was Aunt Viv played by Janet Hubert. Three years in she was allegedly fired from the show. Her career was in ruins. Apparently, Will had got her fired because she thought she was trying to make the show all about her.

The two didn’t speak for 27 years.

Will recently underwent a spiritual transformation where he admitted to doing psychedelics as part of the healing. As a crazy stunt he decided to bring Janet on the show and find out what really happened.

It turns out Janet was pregnant at the time and married to an abusive husband. Her personal life was a daily struggle. She wasn’t “mad every day” as Will put it. She was in deep pain and had no one to talk to. Her family didn’t want to know about it because of the pregnancy situation.

After she told the story to Will — with the former cast watching the event on a tv screen — they both forgave each other. Not for any good reason. Just because forgiving the unforgivable is the right thing to do.

Taking vendettas to the grave is stupid.

Commit a huge act of forgiveness in 2022. You’ll feel awesome.

Choose this type of mood to crush the day

Anthony Pompliano says, “Consistently being in a good mood is a competitive advantage in life.” I agree.

We naturally want to be around people who make us feel good. Good moods are infectious. They attract people and opportunities to your life.

The mood you’re in day to day is a choice. Choose good moods.

Follow this odd behavior from a 6-foot giant

The giant that is Tony Robbins says, “When you succeed you party. When you fail you ponder. Greatness comes from pondering.”

The best behavior to take up to have ponder orgasms is writing. Writing is where all that stuff buzzing around in your head can escape. When it does, life makes a lot more sense.

Choose to journal for quiet pondering, or blogging for publicly accountable pondering.

Transform from chase to attract

Many people spend their years chasing their tails in an infinite loop, like a desperate monkey in need of a banana.

Chasing is hard work. You have to beg. You have to force. The behavior to change to is one where you attract.

Attraction comes from:

  1. Who you decide to be each day
  2. The people you help without expecting anything back
  3. What you say and do on social media

Use these three opportunities to attract the life you want in 2022.

Fix the things that make you feel like crap

The average person feels like crap, daily.

Here’s why:

  • They sit all day
  • They hate their job
  • They have zero passion
  • They eat processed food
  • They’re drowning in debt
  • They watch the news like sheep
  • Their phone has screwed their dopamine levels

Bad Inputs = Bad Outputs

Most people just let it ride for as long as they can until a comfort crisis finds its way into their life. Don’t do it. It’s okay if you feel like crap. The key is to do something about it.

Look at your health habits. Be honest. What do they reveal?

  • Replace sitting all day for getting up and moving your body.
  • Quit a job if you hate it and get another one.
  • Use your curiosity to experiment with new things until you find stuff that does light a flame under your ass.
  • Stop eating dead foods. Eat foods that are alive — fruit, vegetables, nuts (I’m not your mommy, you already know what healthy food is)
  • Go from spending to paying down debt. Start with the credit card if you have one.
  • Turn off the news. It’s a business model designed to exploit your attention for ad revenue. Choose a healthier source of information (not CNN).
  • See your phone as a slot machine. Every time you rip it out to fondle, it’s not that different from going to the casino to gamble. You don’t need to spend hours on a phone. Remember the 90s? Humans lived fine with a no-scroll life. A phone is a dopamine drainer.

Replace yellow urine with white urine

Alcohol kills brain cells so it makes you dumber. Read that again.

When your piss is the burnt orange color of beer, it means you’re dehydrated. Alcohol accelerates the process. Dehydration is a low energy state. You’re borrowing time from the future to feel a dumb drunk feeling in the present.


Build a life instead of getting wasted on Friday night.

Push hard against your 2021 boundaries

Two choices:

  1. Stay in familiar territory
  2. Go outside of your boundaries

Options two leads to growth. If you’re not expanding you’re contracting. Dan Koe says you’re doing this: “Dying in a bubble of comfort, familiarity, and repetition.” You don’t need to become a navy seal or anything.

Start with this: spend 1% of your time outside of your comfort zone.

Exercise on the bad days

In the book “Twelve and a Half” Gary Vee says that out of the roughly 320 days each year he works out, he doesn’t feel like it for 290 of them.

I know if I can just get through the first 5 or 10 minutes, I’ll get into my flow.

Flow states come from starting. If you’re tired or have gone through a massive tragedy, a tiny length of time spent on a habit like exercise can help you get back in the game.

If not, you can always start for 10 minutes and quit. But you won’t.

Do gymnastics for the mind

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Only thoughts which come from walking have any value.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson calls walking “gymnastics for the mind.”

Whichever philosopher you believe, there’s no doubt walking can create some of the best ‘thought alchemy’ you’ve ever experienced. When I have a big problem I walk it off. By the end of the walk a solution appears.

Walking is meditation. A rested mind is a creative one.

That’s a powerful statement with no wriggle room.

Stop worrying about sleep

Writer Darius Foroux changed how I thought about sleep. When I’m late to bed by 15 minutes I panic. The magical 8-hour sleep number lodged in my brain starts to say you’re going to be tired and useless tomorrow, pal.

Darius says if you miss out on a full 8 hours of sleep every now and then, it’s not going to ruin your life.

“The point with sleep is not to overthink it,” he says.

Your daily habits don’t need to be perfect to be effective — perfection is a threshold no human can reach. Habits just need to be consistent.

Untrash your attention span

This last behavior is one that social media has replaced for many people. Don’t give up reading books for tweets, blogs, articles, audiobooks, or TikTok.

Kia Richards taught me that books are a way to improve your attention span, memory, and concentration.

She says that our information diet has become addicted to fast food content. This form of content creates a dopamine response that is bad for you because the time to reward is shorter — compared to a book where the reward is hours, or maybe even days away.

The dangerous part Kia says is that the dopamine response can lead to an addiction that trashes your attention span.

If you want to know why people have a short fuse, get impatient and want everything now like Amazon and are frustrated, I’ll tell you why: dopamine-crashing. Look at your habits based on what they do to your dopamine levels.

Books can rebuild your attention span. Become a book nerd.

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