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Why Tim Denning Writes like Sh*t and Is Rich

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Writing

Many of you think I write like sh*t.

And a lot of articles have been written about me with a similar title to this one above. So after more than a year, I’m coming out of the closet with a hunting knife to address this controversial topic.

Why is that Tim Denning loud mouth so rich when he writes like sh*t?

How to get rich off writing online

This will piss a lot of people off.

I didn’t get rich from writing online. Lol. I took the money I made online and from writing… and invested it.

My biggest income streams aren’t selling books, courses, masterminds, coaching, affiliate links, webinars, paid newsletters, etc. Nope.

My biggest income stream is the enormous ROI I get on my investment portfolio. I didn’t acquire this skill by being a banker. No.

I got the skill by being a loser and losing everything.

I got the skills by sitting in my piece of crap Holden (General Motors) Astra outside of a casino and reading money books every night for a few years. No joke. Writing by itself doesn’t make you rich.

  • Investing money to make more money makes you rich.
  • Acting like a business owner instead of an employee makes you rich.

Great ideas don’t mean anything

The original writer who wrote this story about me says I am rich because I have great ideas.


All the ideas I write about are borrowed. Sorry to disappoint you. Please take away my top writer badge and throw a milkshake in my face. I’d like to apologize to my mother, too, for being a fraud.

The skill I figured out by accident isn’t to have new ideas. No. It’s to attack ideas from unusual viewpoints. It’s your view of the world and the angles you take on stories that make you successful.

I’ll give ya an example from my main man Ryan Fan:

The Untold Story Behind The Key Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

Every mofo tried to write about this boring bridge collapse. Ryan took the same popular topic and attacked it from a different angle. He spoke about the immigrants and their history with the bridge. This is what I try to do.

Take a boring and even a popular topic and hit it from a different angle.

Great writing is the least important skill

In a world of AI, you can’t outwrite ChatGPT.

So all you have left is your writer’s voice and your bank of stories trapped inside your sexy head that must escape before you’re dead.

That’s what I have. I’m dumb as a plank of wood, but random sh*t seems to happen to me a lot. So I write about it. I infuse everything that happens to me into whatever stuff I’m writing about. Even if it’s about cold showers at 4 AM — I’ll still chuck in a story about my 1 year old daughter for fun.

Readers buy humans, not niches.

The writing isn’t about you

It’s self-indulgent to say we’re the reason for any success we have.

Wrong. I went back and had a look at the comments on the original article that sparked this story. There’s a subtle theme.

Many friends, readers, fans, and fellow writers stood up to add their two cents. This is because…

Writing is about building community.

Your ideas don’t spread far and wide if you don’t get people to help share them. The way you do this is, be kind to others and share other people’s writing, even if they’re not sharing yours.

The reciprocity helps people become attracted to your writing like super glue. Too many writers go it alone.

They speak a lot but rarely listen and promote others.

“He’s a marketer, not a writer”

One critic wrote this.

Chances are that critic will never be wealthy or make money online. It’s easy to say “ohhh, that person is just a marketer…boo hoo hoo.”

Sorry, but I’m no marketer. People who say this are just afraid to sell. They refuse to persuade. It made me laugh about two years ago when this platform had an essay writing competition.

The literary snobs and the people who obsess over being writers all entered. These are the same people who hate marketers and anything “salesy.”

Guess what happened…

All the winning essays were the most persuasive.


That’s right. To be successful in anything — including writing online — you’ve got to persuade people of something.

If your scarcity mindset is afraid of money, selling, and persuasion…then please just work a job forever and get paid less than you’re worth while working for a boss who’ll ride you like a pony.

Final Thought

Will the real Tim Denning please stand up, please stand up?

Here I am. They’re my secrets. Sorry not sorry if I offended anyone. The writing game is simple if you’ll get out of your own way and consider a different view of the world.

I’m not rich. I don’t own a Lambo. But writing has made me wealthy, which means doing whatever I want and picking my kid up from daycare at midday while all the teachers give me snarky looks.

Sometimes you gotta put your middle finger up at the critics and just be yourself — because everyone else is taken (or some sh*t like that).

Write like sh*t and get wealthy.

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