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Tony Robbins Rewired My Brain at His Live Event

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Life Hacks

Dark days feel impossible to endure.

You’re at the end of the tunnel. There’s no light. What do ya do?


That’s what I did. Somehow I discovered this giant with big teeth that screamed at me louder than my mother.

The first thing I ever remember with Tony Robbins is a tape I listened to on my old iPod called “Get the edge.” I kid you not, it started with incantations.

“I am the greatest.”

“If I think I can then I will.”

The incantations felt like some kinda ancient tribal dance. I thought I was losing my mind, seriously.

Still I followed the hippie technique and did it. Months later I got on a plane to Sydney to attend his live event. The techniques I saw live translate into real-world scenarios. Below is everything I witnessed.

Disclaimer: this isn’t a cult.

Antarctica breezes to make pubes stand tall

The 4-day event took place at the Sydney Olympic stadium from the 2000s.

The whole time I was freezing cold. Literally shivering for most of it. On top of the stadium air-con, the event organizers brought in huge industrial air-cons. They were everywhere.

Tony had a whole air con for himself. His hair blew back like Beyonce singing in front of a fan for a music video.

The Antarctic conditions didn’t make sense until later. With the air-con turned up you feel awake and hyper-aware. That’s how the reprogramming that anything is possible in life begins.

Plus, the freezing cold forces you to move about when Tony’s team crank the music for dancing.

Non-stop dancing

The part I cringed at the most was all the dancing. There’s a lot.

And I can’t dance.

Within the first hour I wanted to leave. Seeing thousands of people watch my bad hokey pokey dance moves was embarrassing.

About three hours in I got over my fear of being seen.

The dancing helped keep me in a peak state. When your heartbeat is going and your blood is pumping, it’s hard to be pissed off or looking at your phone.

Takeaway: Life is energy. Move more to fire up your energy.

The naughty part that pisses people off

Tony insists all participants at the event walk on fire.

One year the fire got out of control. In a separate incident at the same event an audience member suffered burns. The rage-bait news channels ran with the story. He blew up.

“Tony Robbins forces people to get burned.”

“Tony is a dangerous man. He’s a pyromaniac that runs a cult.”

The news lit Tony’s career on fire. He copped a lot of flack. When I went to the event I lied to the organizers.

When the firewalking was scheduled, I planned to make a Maccas run and watch the suckers burn themselves.

I didn’t escape.

Tony spent 2–3 hours getting us into a peak state before the firewalk. My mind was so fired up I thought I could do anything — a metaphor for life. It worked.

I walked outside to where the firewalking happened with a psychopath look on my face. I triumphantly charged across the burning hot coals, slowly.

My feet got badly burnt.

I couldn’t feel an ounce of pain. The peak state I was in somehow blocked the agony of serious burns.

No food

When I don’t eat I become a crying toddler.

The event started early in the morning each day so I had no time to eat breakfast. There was no real break for lunch. Shops to buy food were too far away to get to.

So I starved.

All I ate was a small Maccas meal at night. I ate the burger fast because I was dying to get home to bed to wake up for the event and be on time.

My rat-infested motel was less than a mile from the stadium. Yet, I was late every day. The crowds made everything happen in slow motion.

To survive on such a tiny amount of food and not have my stomach rumbling or feel the need to eat a small cow was a new experience.

Again, the peak state I was in distracted me from reality. Food felt unimportant.

Piss-weak dabbling versus immersion

Back then I was a dabbler.

I never committed to anything 100%. I gave stuff a go — relationships, hobbies, side hustles, people, jobs — but never stuck around long enough to see the results.

Tony’s event was different.

Each day was 12 hours non-stop. It was full immersion. There was no time to dabble. Looking at your phone was a crime against humanity. The person next to you would switch on their devil eyes if you brought the ugly phone beast out to play.

So I didn’t.

I stayed fully immersed in the life lessons Tony taught. For the first time in a long time it stuck.

Things made sense.

I realized later that I was in a flow state for most of the event. 12 hours felt like an hour. A week turned into half a day.

I felt as though I’d stepped into a time machine. My perception of time was messed up for weeks after the event.

Now I use flow states to outperform in certain areas of life. You can too.

Photo by Thanhy Nguyen on Unsplash

Photo by Thanhy Nguyen on Unsplash

The presence of a giant

One of the reasons Tony’s wisdom superglues itself to your brain is because he’s larger than life.

His shoe is larger than my big head.

At one point he stood next to me. His body threw a World Trade Center Twin Towers shadow over me.

It’s hypnotizing. When a person’s presence feels powerful their voice sounds different. You don’t just listen with your ears. You listen and feel them with every fiber of your being. You can copy Tony’s magic trick.

Work on your body language.

Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Head up. Smile.

The company you keep shapes your life

All the people around you have similar reasons for attending the event.

They are there to transform a part of their lives. Being in their presence makes your own experience stronger.

You don’t feel like such a weirdo.

Because seeking transformation is uncommon. But in the presence of thousands with the same goal, it feels normal, so the chance of achieving it increases.

Get around people who improve your life, not subtract from your life.

The personality trait required for greatness

This whole experience probably sounds nuts.

It sounded nuts to me too. What made a difference is I unconsciously looked at the event with an open mind.

Too many people are quick to shut down an idea because it’s uncommon.

Or, involves a bunch of bizarro stuff — like jumping up and down for 12 hours, pretending you’re a 5th grader at gym class.

When you open your mind, unexpected opportunities come from nowhere. It gives you an unfair advantage in life.

The strobe of death

Strobes cause seizures.

That’s why I’ve always been afraid of them. Even back when I worked my first DJ gig at a strip club full of strobes, I was petrified of them.

Tony’s event has rock concert-level sound and lighting, including strobes. During difficult parts of the event, the lighting elicits emotion from participants.

In one part named “the emotional flood” exercise, attendees are put in such a beautiful state that a stadium full of strangers begin to have tears flow from their eyes in unison.

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

The lighting is pink and red to mark the occasion. During moments of inspiration the lights are more green to signal go. When anger gets mentioned every light goes bright red.

Atmosphere shapes how you see the world.

The trampoline effect

While we take breaks to dance during the event, Tony goes off to the side to jump on a trampoline. I bought the same one after the event.

A trampoline is a way to naturally get your lymphatic system working and clear out all the garbage in your body.

Jumping is also a great way to move and increase energy.

Belief determines actions

Going to a crazy event like this required me to be unreasonable enough to believe the bullsh*t existence I was living could change.

But what I learned is when you adopt a belief then action follows.

So I adopted the belief my life had to change. I didn’t know how but I found the answers along the way.

The path in life isn’t clear, however, action creates momentum that leads to the aha-moments.


Tony Robbins’ live event rewired my brain using psychology. Best money I’ve ever spent and it’s got a lot cheaper since I went now there’s a virtual option.

I learned that, thanks to neuroplasticity, we can completely rewire our brains.

To change your life, change your mind.

What you think shapes your reality. You’re not stuck. You create reality, therefore you can change it.

After the event I went on to obliterate decades of mental illness, write online, and get more than 500M views on my work.

I don’t care what anyone thinks: Tony Robbins’ strategies work if you embrace open-mindedness and learn about psychology.

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