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Working as a Full-Time Content Creator Makes Me Feel Guilty

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Writing

It’s funny how when you reach a huge goal, you feel guilty.

Since I quit my job last year to become a full-time content creator, I feel guilty. It’s a huge privilege to do what you love and get paid for it.

Privilege can easily blind you if it’s forgotten.

Before doing what you love, consider these things.

The thing you’ll miss

Corporate life isn’t all one big sh*t show.

For example, I miss dumb offices meetings where I used to talk smack with my colleagues. Now I have meetings with myself. They’re not as fun, admittedly.

Meetings are a good way to socialize. Work colleagues can be fun to get to know. Many can become best friends.

When you’re a full-time content creator you still have online friends.

But most of mine live in other countries. Zoom isn’t the same as a catch up in a coffee shop where you get to look the other person in the eyes and see into their world, as much as I hate to admit it.

Odd loneliness can creep in

Right now my wife still works from home. When coroni finally dies down she will likely go back to the office. Even with her at home, she’s in back-to-back meetings.

Sometimes it gets lonely.

The hustle and bustle of an open plan office is something I never thought I’d miss. It’s a nightmare to get work done, but it’s the heartbeat that makes you feel alive too.

Some days I miss the built-in socializing as well — the work seminars, the lunch-and-learns, beer and pizza Friday, going to restaurants with customers, the end-of-year Christmas party.

I took all of these events for granted. Now I do miss them sometimes.

My plan is to get a desk at a WeWork office and see if I can get some of the office magic back.

So many people wish to do what I do

Yet I get to.

I earned this life through 8 years of blood, sweat, and tears. Still, I feel guilty.

I feel like luck maybe played a bigger part than I’m willing to admit.

The guilt comes from the fact I wish more people could experience this level of autonomy. The freedom to do whatever the heck I want when I wake up helps me heal from the guilt I sometimes feel. More people can do what I do.


It starts with an open mind.

What I do looks like a naughty fantasy if you assess it based on face value and plain logic.

If you dig deep you realize the pathways to make money online aren’t that complicated. If anything, what I do looks complicated so as to discourage others from joining. That’s the scarcity mindset at play.

People who do what I do are scared others will join because, then they’ll have competition. Not me.

I don’t see competitors. I see partnerships and friends.

Apart from an abundance mindset, patience and daily learning play a bigger part than people think. A lot can happen in a year, or even 5 years.

Not much can happen in 30 days.

If I want a pay rise or a promotion then I can get one

That makes me feel guilty too.

Many people work their entire lives and get taken advantage of by their employer that knows they won’t quit. Why?

Fear of change.

Because employers know this, they can get away with paying you less than you’re worth. It upsets me.

In my line of work there is no limit on pay. The internet is a massive place with zero borders. You’re only limited by your creativity. Every day more people come online so the opportunity only gets bigger.

If you want a pay rise you simply launch new products or build another website. You can partner with anyone you like to stack your skills with other people and build a tiny empire.

There are no job titles though.

I could have given myself the title CEO or Founder but it’s all a wank to me. I’m happy with the modest title of writer.

I may even stretch to online writer. Beyond that I don’t want the focus to be on me. I’m more interested in inspiring people to chase their dreams — it helps nuke the guilt I experience sometimes.

Everyone should get to do what they love at least once before they die

That’s what it boils down to.

Maybe the life I live is for you. Maybe it isn’t. But everyone should get to experience autonomy at least once and get to do work they love.

When you do it changes your perspective. Yes, you may feel guilty sometimes or miss parts of the workplace, but that’s not enough to deter me.

Doing what you love is a huge privilege. That doesn’t make it illegal.

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