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The 2023 Wake-Up Call Many of Us Desperately Need

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Motivation

2023 is a time to rethink the lies we tell ourselves.

And don’t worry, we’re all liars. We tell porkies to suppress our fears. The best way to start a new year is with a few brutal truths that act as a wake-up call. Then you can get on with the circus show that is life.

Books/degrees/mentors can’t take action for you

These three categories are where many people’s potential is destroyed. They rely on outside magical forces to produce their idea of success.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Seeking advice and new information is the greatest form of procrastination.

The antidote is to make 2023 an action-orientated year. Focus on small bets. Execute mini-experiments. Follow the data. The way to take action is to have the courage to make a decision and start.

Courage gets momentum started.

No one is coming to save you

I say it every year. I’ll say it again.

Nobody is riding into the foyer of your life on a golden chariot to bless your life with everything you hoped for. If times are tough it’s on you.

If money is tight the solution isn’t to complain or wait for a handout. No. It’s to make more money. How?

Acquire new skills. You’re connected to the internet for god sake. You have access to new skills via Youtube for free. No excuse.

Get out of the class system. Exit the victimhood life.

The internet has given you equality already. Use it.

That inner circle will make or break your 2023

I walked past the supermarket today. Three youths sat on a park bench out front smoking cigarettes. You could feel the toxicity radiating off them.

All they did was complain about their jobs while I heard them from a distance. They had nothing nice to say.

If you hang around losers you become a loser. Doesn’t matter how smart, disciplined, or good-looking you are.

If life isn’t going your way then the easiest solution is to hang around better people. It’s hard to be lost for answers or have no idea what to do next when the people around you share what they’re doing.

Find new people. Copy them. Steal their ideas.

And … set some damn standards.

  • Don’t tolerate other people’s lies
  • Don’t tolerate drug use
  • Don’t tolerate criminal behavior
  • Don’t tolerate endless pessimism

99% of life problems can be solved with a new group of friends.

The world isn’t fair if you play by the rules

You see it in the corporate world all the time.

Little Johnny does everything he is supposed to. He hits his KPIs, talks nice with customers, and sucks up the leaders’ asses. He’s a good little people-pleaser. Yet he gets nowhere.

Fairness in life has nothing to do with playing by the rules. In fact people who get what they want typically break the rules.

Rules are a human construct. They are BS. They don’t have software attached to them that gives you access to new opportunities when you pass certain stages in life. No.

Life is unfair.

You make life fair through your actions and ability to be unreasonable enough to get what you want despite the struggles.

Quit waiting in a never-ending line to nowhere.

Stop asking for permission slips

This isn’t 5th grade anymore.

You’re a grown adult living in an internet world. You don’t need to ask for permission. Heck, we’re in the permissionless economy now.

  • Degrees aren’t required
  • “Experience” is optional
  • We can work from home
  • Country borders are being replaced by digital borders (great news for equality)
  • Job interviews have been superseded by LinkedIn direct messages. Find a recruiter/ hiring manager and organize your own job.

You’ve got nothing to complain about. Life has never been easier.

You were born free

Then institutions, colleges, schools, and corporations forced you to see limitations where they didn’t previously exist. Read “The Coddling of the American Mind” book for the full download.

Solution: unlearn what you know to experience freedom again.

The biggest trap in human history

It’s closed-mindedness.

The signs according to author Dan Koe are:

– Intentionally misses the point
– Expects life to be a certain way
– Reads literally, not metaphorically
– Interprets from a selfish perspective
– Assumes meaning without experience

Get away from this virus. The world has endless abundance. Don’t let dumb-dumbs convince you otherwise.

Any of us can change the world

As humanity has progressed life has got easier.

We’re more skilled than ever and have technology to augment our brains and make us smarter. Yet it feels like more than ever people feel helpless.

Like we’re doomed. Like climate change will wipe us out. Like politics matters more than it does. You’re living in the best time in human history. Don’t lose sight of this fact.

Change starts with a ripple effect. You can be that ripple.


Study the phenomenon known as “pay it forward.” It’s so damn powerful it should be illegal.

Making a lot of money doesn’t make you a monster

There’s this common narrative that if you make good money you’re a monster. Like being broke is better, or something.

No it’s not. You can’t enjoy life when basic financial needs aren’t met. It’s okay to make money. It’s okay to be part of a capitalist system. Money is a value ranking system. If you have none that’s a bad thing, not a moment in time to be celebrated.

Make a ton of cash and don’t feel guilty.

Then unlock the magic of money by using it to help others.

Who gives a flying nothingburger what anyone thinks of you

You’re alive for a few decades then you die. This will all be over in the blink of an eye.

The paradox with caring about what others think of you is they don’t even know what to think of themselves.

If you spent a day in another person’s mind, you’d see 99% of their thoughts are focused on their own problems. Nobody gives a sh*t what you did or said. Just you. Now you’re free.

Get rejected. Fail a lot. LIVE.

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