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How to Get Anyone to Say “Yes” When You Write To Them

You know the drill. Watch the whole video, but in the meantime, here are the highlights.

  • People don’t say “yes” to facts. They say “yes” to FEELINGS.
  • A “feature” answers the question “what is this?”
  • A “benefit” answers the question “what can this do for me?”
  • A feature-based writer might say: “The cost of my services is $3,000,” while the benefit-based writer would say: “You can expect to make $30,000 off my services.”
  • This distinction is often why writers can’t get subscribers to their newsletters, or buyers of their book.
  • You should sell Fire Mario, not the Fire Flower (see 5:30 for explanation)
  • The New York Times uses features in one place, benefits in the other… can you guess where? (6:15)
  • How Shure Microphones (and 8 other examples in the benefits) use benefit-based writing to win minds of readers.

PS – if you’re wondering “why the heck does this video matter in the first place?”…

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