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Own “The Copywriter’s Mindset,” Own Your Career.

Highlights from this video:

  • You should be looking to “sell,” even if you aren’t a salesperson (0:58) 
  • Everyone is already an online writer, so learning to persuade through writing is key (1:44)
  • Even if you’re “just a blogger” you are already trying to “sell” your ideas to readers. (3:22)
  • The best writers are often TERRIBLE copywriters (4:37)
  • Most writers face a mindset problem around selling. It’s pointless. If you can deliver a great product, service, newsletter, or book, don’t be afraid to ask for sales or subscribers! (5:55)
  • Copywriting does not have a “magic formula.” (7:25)
  • You can sell your STUFF without selling your SOUL. The best copywriting is an extension of your authentic, genuine voice. (8:01)
  • All copy is customized to you. Copy+paste strategies don’t work (9:30 — this is a rant you need to hear)
  • Todd and I wrote 10 different CTAs for LinkedIn… and started raking in 100+ subscribers per day. (10:29)

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