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This Boring Outlook on the Creator Economy Will Make Me Another 7 Figures

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Writing

I wish I could grow my Instagram.

But I just suck at taking nice images and I don’t like being on a platform full of infomercials and dudes in jocks selling protein powder.

The unsexy approach to the creator economy is what has made me 7-figures. Here’s my outlook on where we’re heading as creators.

Snoozing on Twitter

People don’t like Elon.

I get it. But I listened to a podcast the other day with Youtuber Mr Beast. He was in meetings with Elon all day.

It’s no secret Elon wants to copy the Youtube monetization model. It’s boring and over 10 years old. Who cares if it’s an old way to make money? It works. Many Youtubers continue to do well if they stick at it.

And who cares about Elon.

Most of the platforms we can create on are owned by weirdos we wouldn’t leave children alone with for 5 seconds. Heck, I wouldn’t pay most of them to go to 7-Eleven and buy me a bottle of vegan milk.

Everyone has to get over whether they like Elon.

The fact is long-form videos and essays are coming to Twitter. Both the subscription and ads dollars will be shared. I’m going to easily make 6, maybe 7 figures from this new income stream alone.

Don’t be a snoozer who may become a loser when the party gets started on the little birdy app. Use the platform for your own benefit. That’s the best way to get back at Mr YOLO Elon if you truly hate him.

The buzz of the creator economy has died down


Interest rates went up and tanked the market. Everyone’s investment portfolios went down and it became harder to make money.

Tech companies selling stupid plastic bikes with iPads on them either went broke or are about to. That’s what recessions do.

They kill off the dead weight. They also even the playing field and make it ten times easier to make money the good ol’ boring way.

See the silence as a sign opportunity is right around the corner. When there’s too much hype it’s the worst time to join the creator economy.

NFTs and decentralized social media will make a quiet return

“Crypto and NFTs are dead.”

No they’re not. In the background companies like Visa, Mastercard and Starbucks are building on blockchain. The technology is here to stay for longer than herpes. Get used to it.

Decentralized social media will take longer. The current options suck and blockchain technology is too hard to use for a flip phone lover like me.

Just watch what happens and keep an open mind. There will be opportunities for creators but they won’t happen overnight.

AI will play a role

The organization of information online kinda sucks.

There’s so much information it’s hard to sort through as a creator. AI will clearly make this easier. Again, just watch and experiment.

I’m not one of those ChatGPT groupies. The technology needs to marinate.

Just don’t let AI lie to you and make you think the creator economy is dead and Skynet will run everything. Humans will always play a role. AI will simply augment our beautiful brains to allow us to achieve more.

The creators playing the short game will go back to cubicles

As the creator economy has got boring, all the doom peddlers and complainers have slowly had their business model dry up.

After all, there’s only so long you can make people feel like garbage with headlines like “we’re all going to die so run for cover.”

No one cares.

Short terms games don’t work in the creator economy. People burn out and start to mute or unsubscribe. That’s what I love about the creator economy — it’s deeply democratic.

Harass people in your content or be an idiot human being … and the masses will vote you off the creator economy “Survivor” reality tv show.

It just takes one click if you’re a d*ck.

Just ask Andrew Hate. His situation shows the creator economy democratic process at its finest.

This shift back to cubicles has already begun. Cubicle employers are getting the silent call.

“Will you have me back? My content creator gig didn’t work out. It’s over.”

***Does sad face***

Newsletters will continue to get sold for millions of dollars

Newsletters are the future of marketing.

The problem with paid ads is the content is low quality. That’s why we have to be forced to consume it and have the ads interrupt a music video on Youtube of that thong song. Or a Youtube Short of a dog sniffing a cat’s butt after dark.

  • The Milk Road newsletter sold for millions.
  • So did Indie Hackers.
  • So did Morning Brew.

Businesses want to get in front of newsletter subscribers because they’re a more loyal and engaged audience. They go from top-of-funnel branding (useless) to straight sales conversions in minutes.

Even more exciting is you can now pay newsletters to promote your newsletter through the ConvertKit creator program.

This means even if you have a new newsletter or a tiny one with less than 1000 subscribers, you can legitimately grow it. I intend to start playing with this new marketing channel.

You should do it too.

This will continue to be a boring way to make money once you have traction

Too many people say short-form content is the future.

Sure, if you love having your brain pinged to death by useless 30-second videos of people dancing and showing off.

The reality is long-form will never go away because it’s where the depth and real value are. One of the oldest and most boring business models for creators is a published book.

I intend to have a book published in the near future with a major publisher. It’s hard to beat. A book is a gateway drug full of depth that leads readers to spend more money on your other creator offerings.

I should do at least 6-figures from this income stream.

Non-fiction writing turned into courses will continue to help millions of people

I feel like courses, in a way, are a form of modern book.

The lessons are chapters from a book. The difference is a course has homework and is more actionable. Plus, unlike a book, there’s generally a community which makes the content interactive.

Courses aren’t going anywhere. If anything, they will grow to become a much larger industry. The shift that needs to change is, results from courses need to become the main driver and gamification needs to be layered in.

Creator economy courses will continue to eat away at university revenue too, because a lot of what college offers is dreams and snoozer professors. But creator economy courses offer faster learning and actual income.

Either way…

Non-fiction writing makes one hell of a course.

Experts will continue to be overrated

The creator economy leveled the playing field.

Suddenly, people who had regular jobs realized what they learned at work had an application outside of their job. Their 9–5 skills could be used in the creator economy too. This was a huge unlock.

Experts are overrated.

An elite college professor with a huge ego and a verified tick on their profile is boring. People want to hear from normies like them. That’s what I learned from this platform.

Final Thought

Use the creator economy to earn extra income. Build why so many people are asleep on this opportunity.

I’m going to do it. I’ll make another 7-figures because of it. No reason you can’t participate and ease your financial burden.

The creator economy will continue to set creators free. Why not you?

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