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The Most High-Income Habit You Can Start in the Next 30 Days

by | Oct 8, 2023 | Life Hacks

Wandering aimlessly through life is far too common.

It leads to quiet desperation. Or to a feeling of being lost or like you were meant for something more.

I’ve been there many times. But not anymore. And that’s what I want to go deep on with you right now.

Where the bloody hell should you spend your time?

We all have habits.

They’re based on our goals and schedule. The problem is where should you spend your time? What’s the best ROI?

It’s hard to know.

So what do we do? We guess. We invest time into lots of different habits and never really cross a threshold of participation that leads to results.

Once you know where to invest time, you can go all in. You can stop flapping around like a rubber ducky and get on with the show, yo.

Trying everything and never settling on one thing

The modern life is full of shiny objects.

We jump from one clickbait opportunity to the next, looking for the pot of gold and overnight success. I did that when I got into banking.

I saw movies of people making a tonne of cash on Wall Street and thought “Yep, I could do that.” So then I tried to do it and hated it.

No surprise, right?

That’s because I don’t give two hoots about banking or what stocks to invest in. It’s a snoozefest. Unless you master this one habit you’ll never settle for the one thing that can change your entire life (big call, I know).

The most high-income habit you can start

What is it?

Well, it’s not the cliche “build-an-audience” that most articles with this title promote like a pyramid scheme. Nope.

The habit is to double down on your obsession.

I’ve never seen this mentioned on any social media platform as a high-income habit. That’s because it’s not obvious. And even if you’ve discovered this habit you are probably unaware.

We fall for the lie of passion or purpose or meaning. It’s all hogwash. None of them are the answer and they’re too hard to articulate. You have to be a spiritual master or part of a religious cult to find these lost paths.

The other cliche advice is to “focus on what you’re interested in.”

I’m interested in soy milk lattes but I don’t care about them enough to dedicate my whole life to them. I’m lukewarm about it. Some days I care about soy lattes, other days it doesn’t matter.

Getting a latte is nice. But if I don’t get one then it’s fine.

The high-income habits we often choose come from gurus. They stand on their soap box and scream “Make TikTok videos you fool.”

So we try … and give up.

Why? We don’t care about making videos. And we don’t want a foreign spy cam stuck up our gorgeous butts that reports back to some secret higher power trying to control the world.

Obsession is the solution.

When you’re obsessed explosive energy flows into everything you do

The idea of motivation is dead when you’re obsessed.

You don’t make time for it. You don’t tell people you’re too busy to do it. You don’t make appointments with yourself in your handy dandy little calendar.

Nope. You just do it.

Obsession is easy to articulate. It’s the thing you cannot *not* do (suck the double not grammar hippies). When I discovered my online obsession it changed everything.

I found this silly thing called writing and couldn’t stop. I researched it while in meetings. I told my boss about it in 1–1s. I went to creator conferences. And all of my friends, weirdly, became creators.

Now, maybe your obsession isn’t writing. Maybe it’s cooking, reading, or managing people. Doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you identify your obsession. The cool thing is you don’t need to find it, manifest it, or wait for the right time. Your obsession is obvious. It’s hiding in plain sight.

Chances are you don’t believe your obsession can become your entire life. That’s the real problem — because it’s not that you don’t have an obsession.

Once you lean into your obsession everything changes.

It’s like a life force. Hidden energy reserves come into play. You act with emotion and a level of intensity that is scary.

Those who don’t share my obsession think I’m an alien. Good. That’s what obsession looks like. It makes you look and act superhuman.

With the level of energy obsession brings you can literally do anything. You can achieve the impossible.

Why the f*ck does obsession equal high income?

None of what I just said sounds like it would make you money.

That’s the thing — what’s missing from most people’s lives isn’t the right money strategy or the business idea that’ll make them the next Jeff Bezos of eCommerce marketplaces. What’s missing is obsession.

When you have obsession you have everything.


  • Endless motivation
  • Unlimited energy
  • The exact path forward
  • Zero obstacles to getting what you want
  • A tribe of people who believe what you believe and can help you reach the next level

With that list of things on your side, you become unstoppable.

A challenge for you (if you dare)

If you implement this high-income habit and chase obsession in the next 30 days, I guarantee your life will change in ways you could never have dreamed of.

The outcomes will be so drastic that no one — including me — will be able to predict them.

My challenge for you is to stop stuffing around and go all in on your obsession.

Take the one thing you can’t stop thinking about and dedicate yourself to it. Do it every day. Do it while you’re at your job. Do it on the commute on the way home. Do it on holidays or after hours. Or dare to do it during the dark hours of 5 AM if you have to.

Just stop avoiding it.

Stop pretending you don’t know what your obsession is. You do. So chase it. Follow it to the ends of the world and don’t fear it any longer.

Follow your obsession and you’ll never have to worry about money again.

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