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Toxic Masculinity Scares the Hell Out of Me (And It’s at an All-Time High)

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Life

Men are mutilating boys.

Some of those boys are in their 20s and 30s. They’re lost, looking for someone to help them find what’s missing.

Strange men have found their way into major social media platforms. They claim to help and it scares me. It should scare you too.

Where it bizarrely started

A bro living in Romania got arrested.

I won’t say his last name but it rhymes with mate. He blasted onto the scene with all sorts of wild thoughts. He drove Lambos and had blow-up dolls that were supposed to be his girlfriends seated in the passenger seat.

He made war sound cool. He said only men fight in wars, even though women are common in military. For some reason lost boys all over the world fell in love with this man.

Now he’s in prison for 30 days. The damage goes beyond him.

These boys think they’ve now become men. They’re all over platforms like Elon’s birdy app and TikTok. They claim to have the answer.

Have big d*ck energy. Lift weights. Act tough. Have kids or you’re not a man. It feels way out of date. Some even say if you’re not religious you’re not a man. What the hell.

How I feel about it

When I see this new form of masculine content it makes me sick.

The fake confidence these men seem to have isn’t fooling anyone. Deep down inside they’re broken men. They can’t attract a good woman.

So what do they do?

Find women in third-world countries to date. They trade their strong currency for weak love. Love that’s often out of desperation. Then these playboys run to the tweet app and scream “I’ve made it!”

It must have been all the gym. Those weights gave them muscles. And dumbbells get girls, right?

Right now I’m embarrassed to be a man.

These messages aren’t helping men. They’ve become hidden toxic masculinity. It’s giving the rest of us men bad names.

Quote of year…

Andrew T is what men with no self-esteem think high self-esteem looks like. As a rule, narcissism is always mistaken for confidence by those who have no confidence. From there, it doesn’t take much for the dynamic to turn abusive/exploitative — Mark Manson

Now we get to the crux of the problem.

Men are living through a self-esteem crisis. Our spot in the food chain has changed. Women are rising through the ranks as much-needed equality takes over.

This has crushed some men’s confidence, so they go looking for it in wrong places. When we look we find overconfident males who think they’re god’s gift to humanity.

They drive these stupid luxury cars and think it makes their PP bigger. Pretty soon the overconfidence of these toxic male leaders leads to a pyramid scheme fuelled by a have-fun-staying-poor affiliate program.

Your PP is small if you don’t join.

Men: we have to get better at being fooled by confidence.

Confidence doesn’t equal IQ or EQ. Sadly, it mostly equals narcissism that won’t help you find whatever you’re missing in life.

Eat meat (aka liver king)

This is another trait of the toxic masculinity movement sweeping Earth.

Eat meat or you’re not a man. Have steak for dinner or go chop your c*ck in half. I’m a vegan pussy. I’m a target for these toxic men. They hate that I don’t kill animals for my food.

Murder is a good thing, they say.

Another toxic leader, Liver King, has risen to fame. Too bad the livers don’t give him his big muscles. It’s just steroids. The signs are obvious even to a non-manly-man like me.

You should hunt and have a gun to be a good man

I watched the “This Place Rules” documentary the other night about the USA capital riot. What a sh*t show.

Boys dressed as soldiers claimed to be fighting for a good cause.

They didn’t seem to give a damn about their so-called president. They couldn’t even tell you what they were fighting for. The only cause they could articulate was freedom. Whatever that means.

Violence is justified if it’s for a good cause, they say.

So they stormed the capitol. They did their duty. They even claimed to support police officers. I’m sure the police felt blessed.

All I could see for the length of the documentary were Captain Stupids running around like lost little boys. No purpose in life. No idea of the real issues in the world. Zero solutions … other than shoot ’em all.

Like that’s ever solved anything.

If, as a man, you get sucked too far down this new age masculinity rabbit hole, you risk becoming part of the militia. Basically, you risk being fed untrue conspiracy theories for dinner and lapping ’em up like a dog.

It’s you, though, being given doggystyle misinformation as a form of manly manipulation. It’s scary to think about.

Guilt and shame around s*x

This new manly trend defies logic and science.

For the last 5 or so years, the no fap movement has spread through the internet like a virus. There are different levels men preach.

  • Some say mast*rbation is the new heroin
  • Some say p*rn is the real problem

Then it gets weirder…

  • Others say org*sms take away your motivation for life
  • Others say mast*rbation transforms you from Captain America into a nerd in school who can’t get any girls

Making men feel guilty for their DNA that tells them to reproduce is a new low for men. Since when is s*xuality, healthy 1–1 romance and fantasies evil or bad for one’s health?

Maybe you could argue that p*rn is a problem — if it’s consumed too much.

But the rest is pseudoscience. I ain’t gonna protect my seed or reframe from releasing. Heck, that seed gave me a beautiful baby girl a few months back. Wouldn’t have happened any other way, hate to say.

Get rich or your life will be a waste

The final part of the toxic masculinity plague sweeping the world revolves around money.

Weak men want us to believe money is power. Paradoxically that’s how they make money. They preach we should get rich or die trying.

They flex cars with exhausts bigger than their manhood. Like money is the answer to all men’s problems. As a man, I’ve learned it never is.

I’m more of a man after I lost a big chunk of money.

When you lose money as a man it teaches you humility. It teaches responsibility. It teaches risk management. If all you do is chase money to the ends of the Earth, you’ll miss the point of being a man.

Money doesn’t bring meaning like many of these toxic men think. Money brings mo’ problems. Money becomes a distraction.

The more you chase money the less you end up with. Even if you succeed financially, as I did in my 20s, it doesn’t help you attract a woman (or a man if you swing that way).

Without self-awareness around money, it ends up inflating your ego into a giant pen!s that pisses people off, pokes them in the eyes, and repels opportunities.

Bringing it all together

Toxic masculinity scares me because it has entered the mainstream.

Men like me are being fed lies about what it means to be a man. The main solution I can think of to this problem is for more good male leaders to stand up and teach men what really matters.

It’s for men to reject this toxic masculinity and call out how stupid it is. Otherwise, we risk the dominance of these new alpha males turning our productive society into their toy soldier battlefield.

That can only lead us to one place: conflict and violence.

Would the real men please stand up, please stand up.

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