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The Reputation of Men Is a Complete Mess

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Life

I’m a man. Right now we’re out of fashion.

Another day, another man doing something dumb in front of the world so the press can write about it.

Being a man right now is embarrassing. I’m ashamed to be one.

A lineup of conmen no genius could have predicted

I used to listen to Kanye’s rap music back in the day.

It was good. His beats were different. His voice was unique. I could have never predicted that the man he is today would be so awful.

His antisemitism comments are beyond a joke.

You can’t walk around anymore and be a racist man without severe consequences. That’s how it should be — because there is one race … human.

But his latest comments about Hitler are beyond a joke. If you’d told me years ago that one day a new version of Hitler would appear and he’d be an American rapper, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Yet here we are.

The dangerous part about this “man” is not what he says. It’s what his loyal followers do with his comments. It’s the permission it gives to millions of young men who now think what Kanye thinks is okay.

It scares the crap out of me. This is how a holocaust starts.

The commonplace financial theft caused by men

Sam Bankman-Fried is another guy who’s f*cked up the reputation of men.

Somehow he managed to steal customer money and use it to get deep ties with politicians on both sides.

He pretended to be many things — like a vegan — and now it seems it was all done to create a fake image of an honest man who wanted to promote effective altruism.

This scumbag of a man is particularly sensitive to me because many of my close friends have lost large amounts of money in the collapse of FTX.

My high school friend has lost $1m. He can hardly wake up in the morning.

For years the risks of crypto have been known. Yet powerful men like Gary Gensler from the American SEC did nothing to fix the issue.

Blind Freddy could see that if a company could take customer money and use it to bet on whatever they wanted, problems were likely to occur.

Financial thievery has always been an issue.

The problem is powerful Wall Street men have made it commonplace. The 2008 recession showed us. And no doubt will be shown many more times by the decade’s end. It’s a disgrace.

Political leaders have become a reality tv joke

A book I read a while back (forgot the name so correct me in the comments) predicted reality tv show men would become world leaders and even politicians. I remember thinking this idea was stupid.

Then 2016 happened and Donald Duck rose to power.

It surprised me because I watched the egotistical maniac on the tv show “The Apprentice” as a young adult and could see his racist, women-hating behavior back then.

It never occurred to me anyone would take him seriously.

Even tv show weirdo Dr Oz recently ran in the senate election. It’s scary how people take these men seriously. They are the most accurate description of “actor” one could ever find.

They tell us what we want to hear to extract our attention and social media ‘likes’ for their own vanity and financial gain.

And then men like Donald Duck figured out they could take the dark parts of humanity and use them to force us to turn on each other.

In the chaos they would reign supreme as a voice of reason, when in normal times we would never be so stupid to listen to them.

As much as I hate politics, it’s a necessary evil to ensure some level of harmony and consensus. With that ruined by reality tv show men, it’s hard to know what mess we will get ourselves into in the future.

Manly factory worker leadership is back to overwork us

Elon Musk is a complicated man.

On the one hand he has done a lot of good for humanity with his ability to innovate faster than anyone else.

But his manly leadership style sucks.

Since his takeover of Twitter his toxic form of hustle hard and work-seven-days-a-week has reigned supreme.

He’s figured out he can extract the love people have for his iconic brand, and use it as a weapon against them to force them to work hard for his admiration (which they’ll likely never get).

The Glengarry Glenross style (Alec Baldwin movie) of leadership is making a comeback as Elon makes male dictatorship look sexy again using the vehicle of big tech to do it.

It’s kind of terrifying.

For a second we had an employee uprising. Some level of autonomy was returning to the world of work. Family time was becoming sexy again.

Now Elon lovers will tear down that Berlin Wall and assemble a statue of him built with his leadership principles.

Men who steal other men’s time with forced hard work should go to jail. It’s taking us back to the Egyptian slave times we left behind.

It’s hard to find good male role models anymore

As a young man with a 3-week-old daughter and a successful online business, it’s not hard for me to go astray.

Many men in my position have.

I look everywhere trying to find male role models to look up to. Men who understand compassion, promote generosity, and believe there’s no race except human.

It’s just so hard.

It seems far more common that men with some level of money or reputation will simply use it to advance their status without any sense of morals.

But don’t worry…

I’m not giving up. There must be a few good men left out there. If you know of any give me a holla.

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