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What Thomas Sowell Said About European Immigrants Is the Most Racist Thing I’ve Read, Ever

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Life

“Europe is belatedly discovering how unbelievably stupid it was to import millions of people from cultures that despise Western values and which often promote hatred toward the people who have let them in.”

That’s what Tommy Boy said.

It shook me to my core. It’s a quote that has surfaced again and gone viral as a result of the current Middle-East War.

You know what this type of commentary does? It forces humans to turn on each other. It turns the world into this stupid skin color game that ultimately leads to one horrible place: War.

Yep, the more these stupid remarks from influential people are made, the more wars we will have to fight over race. Nobody wins from race wars. Innocent lives are lost and families are ripped apart.

I wish these influential people knew the power of their words, and understood that words can kill.

Trying to define race is the stupidest sport in the world

I deal with it every day.

My daughter is considered mixed-race (whatever the hell that means). She doesn’t even know what the color blue is yet, but society can’t wait to throw race at her, like mud, and laugh at the confused look on her face.

My wife was born in the red flag Asian country but has been in Australia for a big part of her life. She lived on the border of Russia. They had Russian food, monuments, and people in her city.

Then there’s my side. I’m technically Aussie because I was born in Australia. But I’m a direct descendant of Captain Cook and have British roots. There are some Irish family members too.

So…pop quiz: what race is my daughter?

Exactly, you don’t know and neither do I. It’s a stupid game designed to force humans to fight with each over.

The drums of a World War are beating. Beware of the military industrial complex and the warmongers who exploit tragedy to advocate for more war.

A global war would lead to immeasurable suffering — Lex Fridman

You may think the race debate doesn’t matter.

You might opt out and call it woke, or decide you don’t care about the news or politics. That’s fine. Just remember that as this race debate happens in mainstream culture, it will spark wars.

Warmongers will pretend it’s about protecting their race when really it’s about power and land grabs. War is a big business. It’s a must to keep many economies in business that manufacture all the weapons.

Then there are auxiliary benefits to warmongers, such as better commodity prices and more beneficial trade terms. This all comes at the cost of human lives though. No one talks about that.

A smart strategy to transcend the race debate

Author Nassim Taleb is a controversial and polarizing figure. I don’t agree with everything he says but for once he has a great take on this race debate.

I stand with the innocent, the victim, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the dispossessed, the one who suffers humiliation on top of injustice; of all ethnicities, beliefs, and religion.

As soon as you try to solve a conflict based on race, you lose. Tell me, in the recent wars in Europe/Middle-East can you go to cities and work out who the terrorists/traitors are and who the civilians are? I can’t.

So what happens? Well, a comment on X describes it best. Ready?

Bomb them all. Bomb them to hell.

Because we can’t decipher the true race of someone without a blood test. And none of us are pure-bloods of whatever country we were born in. Sometimes I wonder whether the concept of race is an IQ test.

If you believe in race you may as well believe in Big Foot, or that September 11 never happened, or that we never landed on the moon. Or whatever other conspiracy theory you can dream of.

There is one race: HUMAN.

Everything else about race is designed to divide nations. To make us turn on each other which solves nothing. Unity has done more for the world than war ever has, and ever will.

Why do we fall for the lie of war?

Why do we think it’s going to make a difference this time? It solves nothing. What solves big problems is humans working together. For that to occur we need to stop believing in the myth of race.

The best strategy is to be accepting of others. It’s to wish that no one should have to wake up to the sound of violence and bombs exploding in their basement.

Closing Thought

Thomas Sowell said in his famous quote that importing people to Europe was stupid. What he’s saying is immigration is stupid.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why he would think that. The story of human history is one of immigration and blended culture.

It’s the most racist thing I’ve ever read and I wish he hadn’t said it. The idea he’s spread will ultimately cause innocent people to believe certain races need to be eliminated (which we’ve never successfully done). Or that certain cultures and their beliefs are poison.

This is how the Holocaust happened. We must reject these ideas at all costs if we want to ensure humans don’t nuke each other to extinction.

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