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The Most Important Lessons People Learned over the Last 3 Years (Brace Yourself)

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Life

This has been the strangest time in human history.

All the paradigms, rules, and ways society operates got turned upside down. Hearing the different perspectives on this transformation makes you smarter despite whether you agree with the conclusion.

I read a tweet asking about lessons from the last 3 years. It opened my eyes and forced me to think deeply. It’ll do the same for you.

Nazi Germany came up a lot

This terrible German event in history had drifted into the background prior to the 2020 bat virus outbreak. In the answers to lessons from the last 3 years it came up the most.

I now know how Hitler happened (source)

The bizarre reason the last 3 years got compared to the Holocaust is primarily because of compliance.

People believe if we too easily comply and don’t question everything, then the chance a Hitler-type person could sneak into a key leadership role again is thought to be possible.

It’s almost as if the masses wanted rebellion over the orderly response to a challenging event. If you didn’t rebel then you enabled the stay-at-home orders. I believe this popular ideas is false.

Expecting chaos to reign supreme to fight a virus that doesn’t give a crap about your opinions, likely, would have killed even more people.

Certain events in history require unusual responses.

The other reason Hitler has come up a lot lately is because of a certain US rapper who lost his Adidas deal for anti-semitism comments.

Whether you like the man or not he’s brought this type of horrible dialogue back into the mainstream.

The overall lesson here is people hate being told what to do.

Jaxinations cause conspiracies

The word “jaxination” is just street slang for a jab in the arm to protect you from the bat virus.

Before 2020 we got jabs in the arm like flu shots without blinking an eye.

As soon as jaxination became a hit topic it brought out all sorts of conspiracies. Conspiracies run wild because we all secretly have an imagination that’s been suppressed since childhood.

When there’s a hot topic like jaxinations or strange spacecraft entering Earth’s atmosphere, it gives us a chance to dream again. To imagine life as not being so simple.

The downside is this window of opportunity and the free nature of social media can make any bizarre — and even untrue — idea go viral.

That’s what we’ve seen over the last 3 years.

Still to this day I get people DMing me or telling me in the street that my jab has “decreased your lifespan, man … thought you should no.”

I got my 4th jab a few weeks ago to make sure 🙂

Tweeting of pronouns is virtue signaling

Virtue signaling has been at an all-time high over the last few years. It came up a lot in the tweets.

We see it every time bushfires, wars, or floods occur. A bunch of people seeking to look smart and capture attention will say nice words such as “thoughts and prayers.”

But they will do nothing to help the victims.

Like a virus, the virtue signaling spreads fast. Corporations have even got in on the hoax and used it as a marketing ploy to sell more products.

The lesson here is unless you can demonstrate how you helped those in need, you probably shouldn’t bother with thoughts and prayers comments, changing your profile pic to a cause/flag, or pretending to care.

The last 3 years have made us allergic to nice words backed up by zero action.

Don’t trust. Verify.

Cryptos and NFTs are completely misunderstood.

They’re not about an asset, making money, or a new digital economy. The idea behind crypto and NFTs has gone viral over the last 3 years because the problem is deep.

For far too long we’ve had to trust what leaders say … and time and time again we’ve been lied to.

The point of cryptos/NFTs that sit on top of a blockchain is we can trust a person or corporation, then verify their claims with publicly accessible data.

The FTX meltdown that cost investors billions shows any person can be put on a throne by mass media or those in power, and turn out to be a crook worse than a war criminal.

We have to trust to keep society functioning … I get it. But we also have to verify that trust, too, to remove bad actors.

Self-education makes you more knowledgeable

In the old days you had to trust experts.

Access to information was restricted or time-consuming. Now we have access to all the information there is for free, so the need for experts is decreasing.

As part of this paradigm shift the expert factory known as colleges is being attacked constantly.

A regular person with the skills to research is oftentimes more knowledgeable than someone with a degree (source).

As the low cost of self-education is further realized, more people will refuse to pay 6-figures for college.

This is a reality we can’t escape and a net positivity for society.

Education is a business, and it will go back to being a public service used to progress humanity.

“Your gut instinct is intelligent ~ listen accordingly”


With all the information it’s easier than ever to get lost in overthinking.

That leads to decision fatigue and drains the precious energy you need to function. Regardless of what social media tells us, it’s never been a better time to follow your gut feeling.

If the Donald Duck leader looks and sounds like a quack then he probably is. Act accordingly.

Buy low, sell high

At the start of 2020, it looked like the global economy would collapse into a Great Depression. So people sold their investments to escape.

Bizarrely, most assets hit record-high prices up until October 2021. Many average people got stinking rich and thought they were geniuses.

Then in 2022 the recession happened and every asset tanked. The old mantra of buy low, sell high has never been more relevant. Your money psychology determines how and when you buy and sell investments.

Sharpen your mind to sharpen your finances.

And don’t get fooled by randomness.

“People waste most of their time upset about external issues they can’t change & blame systems for their unhappiness”


You become unhappy when you spend too much time worrying about what you can’t control. In a way, society is programmed to do this by design.

The path to true happiness that we learned from the last 3 years is to make practical changes, work on yourself, and stay optimistic at all costs.

Become an owner or you’ll become a renter with no cost control

Society is moving more to a renter model.

Why? Governments and central banks create money out of thin air which helps cause massive inflation.

That inflation devalues the money in your bank account. Slowly, over time, your ability to afford things like real estate will decrease.

The only real solution is to become an owner before the money supply is devalued beyond repair, forcing a large number of people into the rent-forever model (aka subscriptions for everything).

“Not many people will stand up for you when the going gets really really tough, but those who do are people you should keep around”

(Dom Savaglio)

Many of us lost something big over the last 3 years of chaos. I know I did.

What’s amazing in contrast is what the loss reveals. For me, it showed me who my real friends were. When the storms entered my life only a handful of people made the time to reach out and help.

The same happened when my daughter was born recently. So many people ignored the biggest thing to ever happen in my life. I ain’t mad at it though.

Use this harsh reality as a way to determine who to keep and who to discard in life.

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